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Regional News Including Pacific Coastal Road Latest

Photo: Del Sur News

The Pacific Coastal Road is once again the topic of much discussion locally because it was reported that the MTI (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure) were out on La Chocolata, just north of town, surveying the road in readiness for laying adoquines (the funny shaped cobble stones you see everywhere).

Fact is the first part was right, the survey crew was out there, however; the budget just isn’t there right now to start paving and the survey was being done as part of another attempt at securing financing for the project. See page 70 of this report; https://www.el19digital.com/app/webroot/tinymce/source/2019/00-Enero/Del07al13Enero/08Enero/Anexos.pdf

The official title of the road is now “Project for the Pacific Coast Corridor Highway – Coastal (Proyecto de la Carretera del Corredor Litoral Pacífico – Costanera) and is a US $660 million project.

As reported some time ago by Del Sur News, financing of US $1.4 million to carry out the pre-investment studies of Phase I of the southern coastal highway (La Costanera) was provided by the BCIE (Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica).

The entire two stage project is planned to take 3 years to complete. Phase one will be the 150 kilometers from Naranjo (border with Costa Rica) to Masachapa, followed by the 260 kilometer stretch from Masachapa to Potosí (Gulf of Fonseca).

See page 70 of this report; https://www.el19digital.com/app/webroot/tinymce/source/2019/00-Enero/Del07al13Enero/08Enero/Anexos.pdf

BK to Day and Night

AM:PM the Managua based chain of 24/7 convenience stores is branching out to Rivas and will open very soon in the old Burger King location at the south end of the Plaza los Mangos on the Pan American Highway. AM:PM opened its first store in Nicaragua in 2012 in the Santo Domingo area of Managua and within two years they had 7 stores. The new store in Rivas will be number 19. The Super Express in San Juan del Sur was one of the first tenants in that same plaza before closing and moving to San Juan del Sur.

On the Roads

During the week of the 3rd to the 9th of June, 2019, the National Police reported there were 788 traffic accidents on the roads of Nicaragua with eight people losing their lives (one driver and seven passengers). The main causes of the 788 accidents were; drunk driving, speeding, improper lane change mechanical defects.

Police warned drivers not to drive in a drunken state, obey traffic signals and check the condition of their vehicles. If it’s raining slow down and drive with lights on. They also warned of the dangers of crossing river bridges or riverbeds when they are overwhelmed with rain water.


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