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Nicaragua, “Something for Everyone”

La aventura te espera en Nica Sail and Surf
Photo: Nica Sail and Surf

By Kelvin Marshall

Nature lovers, surfers, beach people, volcano hikers, history buffs and gastronomes can all find something in Nicaragua that appeals to them and when the day is done, everyone can get together as the nightlife starts with dinner, music and entertainment.

Nicaragua’s tourist industry is trying to bounce back and is determined to put the country back on the map and making headlines for all the right reasons.

Right now it’s most important asset; the people of Nicaragua, are ready and willing to help you enjoy your trip.

Getting Here

There are numerous airlines flying in and out of the Managua International Airport, including; American Airlines, Delta, United and Spirit as well as Copa, Avianca and Aero Mexico. https://www.eaai.com.ni/

Within Nicaragua the domestic airline is La Costeña for trips to Corn Island, Siuna, Puerto Cabezas, Bluefields, Bonanza, Rosita, Waspán y San Carlos. https://lacostena.online.com.ni/

As well, the Costa Rican domestic airline Sansa provides a service between Costa Rica and Aeropuerto Costa Esmeralda serving the Emerald Coast of the Pacific. Access to the airport is via a paved road connecting Tola with Rivas and San Juan del Sur. https://www.aeropuertocostaesmeralda.com/

Also check out flights into Liberia and even San Jose, Costa Rica for even more travel options.

Tourists from most countries only need a valid passport and a $10 tourist card which can be purchased when they land and is valid for 90 days.

San Juan del Sur (SJdS)

San Juan del Sur is the name of the municipality and the established beach town, (actually declared a City in 1852 and an Official Tourist City in 2002).  It’s one of the most famous vacation spots and a surf capital offering a variety of accommodation, full service surf shops, transport to the beaches and of course the “after-party” of restaurants and bars offering national and international food and entertainment.


The south west coast of Nicaragua is blessed with about 300 days of off shore winds per year, that’s almost every day! Surfers look for this type of weather as it creates slow breaking waves with the wind keeping them open longer.

The beach at SJdS is not normally a surf beach but it does have its moments. Locals and tourists take advantage of the occasional weather conditions that create a surf beach for the day and make the barefoot walk through town with their board under their arm.

Heading south of San Juan del Sur you will find the surf beaches of Playa Remanso (beginners beach), Playa Hermosa (of Survivor fame) and on further is Playa Yankee.

Going north, head to what is arguably the most famous surf beach at Playa Maderas which together with the family beach at Playa Marsella is now an established community.

What Else?

Boat trips are offered by numerous local businesses, as are party boat trips and fishing trips. You can also go sailing for a half or full day on your choice of two catamarans or a trimaran.  Canopy tours, horseback riding, motorbike, quad and SXS sports vehicle rentals, turtle tours, whale watching are all things you can do here in San Juan del Sur.

Keeping Fit

San Juan del Sur has an active “Wellness” community taking advantage of two very affordable gyms, several Yoga studios, a weekly farmers market and numerous locals using social media pages to offer a full menu of healthy eats. In addition there are locations for massage as well as those providing a more natural and holistic approach to healing. We even have a US trained chiropractor.

Food and Drink

All of the national favorites are served at a number of beach restaurants. Seafood is in abundance and popular year round fish dinners are Dorado (Mahi Mahi), Red Snapper (Pargo), lobster and fish soup “Sopa de Marisco. Ceviche, (seafood cured in lime juice, garlic, chili peppers and cilantro) is available everywhere.

Some of the International offerings include; Pizza, fried chicken, Middle Eastern, German, Mexican, Thai Fusion, Chinese, tacos, burgers, ribs and fish and chips to name but a few. Trust me, you won’t starve.

Live music and entertainment

Several locations have live music and as well you can find open mic nights, name that tune and trivia.

See You Soon!

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