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Yellow Alert; Heavy Rains

Yellow Alert; Heavy Rains
Graphic; INETER

Friday 5th October 2018 @10pm

Almost exactly a year to the day that Tropical Storm Nate hit San Juan del Sur, all of Nicaragua is on a yellow alert due to the heavy rains. Here in San Juan del Sur, the population awoke to intense rains that last several hours before becoming more intermittent and then tapering off to showers during the early evening.

The rains are being caused by two atmospheric conditions, one in the Caribbean and the other in the Pacific, which will continue to produce varying levels of rainy conditions throughout the country.

The two areas of low pressure are affecting the Caribbean coast and also municipalities in the Department of Rivas, Carazo and Managua.

More rain is forecast through the weekend with some weather charts showing that the ocean swell and winds will peak this Saturday 6th of October leaving the rain continuing all weekend.

The wide area of ​​low pressure on the Caribbean side is normal for this time of year. The condition creates a large area of “disorganized clouds” that produce thunderstorms and heavy rains.

The simultaneous phenomenon on the Pacific side has the potential to become a cyclone; however the prediction is only a 10% chance and will likely remain as showers with thunderstorms and strong winds.

Inland, one of the areas most affected has been Tipitapa where over 330 homes were flooded and the residents evacuated to churches in the neighborhood. The National System for the Prevention, Mitigation and Attention of Disasters (SINAPRED) were today assisting local authorities with disaster mitigation.

The Ministry of Health (MINSA) noted that during these cooler damp times, children, the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases or with disabilities become the greatest risk. Respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia become a threat to the population, especially those cooking over wood burning stoves. Keeping clothes dry, hot food and drinks and proper hand washing all help to minimize the spread of diseases.

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