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Workshop on Food Handling, Hygiene and Safety in the Kitchen


On Tuesday, May 8th, 2018, from 8:00 a.m. to 12: 00 noon, Chef Silvio Arévalo of the Nicaraguan Culinary Federation will hold a workshop at Josselin’s Restaurant on the important subject of “Handling Food, Hygiene and Safety in the kitchen”.

This event will take place thanks to the technical support of the Royal Chateau Hotel, Set Net Communications, Del Sur News and the IITF of the US Forest Service from the US. It aims to strengthen the technical knowledge of all people working in the tourism sector of this municipality.

According to Chef Arévalo, the topics that will be addressed are the hygiene and safety measures that should be taken in the kitchen. “From the use of stainless steel utensils, to issues of personal hygiene vital to give good quality service and to avoid contamination of food which benefits the owners of the premises, as well as its customers,” Arévalo said.

This workshop aims to demystify all those myths about handling and preparing seafood and meats, but also punctual emphasis on personal care. As an example, the use of hair net, the prevention by bacteria and washing of hands. Likewise instruction for when a person has an infectious condition such as a cold or flu etc.


Arévalo will also be training on the theme “Everything about Seafood”, where he will share basic tips in the preparation of different seafood recipes.

“San Juan del Sur is a municipality that attracts a lot of tourism because it’s close to the sea. The dishes depend on seafood so we will talk about the care that must be taken when preparing clams, shrimp, octopus and fish, among others” he said.

The workshop will finish with the preparation of a seafood dish; ceviche or carpaccio and the workshop has a cost of US $20 dollars per person. You must register before the date and deposit the fee to BAC, Account Number; 356 099994 with the reference “Hygiene Course in the Kitchen”.

By: Adelayde Rivas Sotelo

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