The exclusive Villas de Palermo Hotel and Resort has 50 fully equipped luxury villas. Each villa is within walking distance of the reception area, restaurant and swimming pool. The villas are all designed with two floors, both overlooking the bay of San Juan del Sur and where from the comfort of the rooms you can enjoy the beautiful and unparalleled sunsets over the ocean and San Juan del Sur.

Among the resort’s most attractive aspects is the restaurant “La Terraza” and its complete gastronomic services. Food prepared and served at “La Terraza” in Palermo is prepared from the freshest fruits and vegetables that can be found in the city, most of which are harvested on farms near the Hotel and Resort.

All the meat served in the restaurant is of export quality and carefully examined by the chef during the purchase. The restaurant has an All-Inclusive Menu, which can be accessed by booking the hotel’s All Inclusive Plan (accommodation and full meal plan).
The spa service, strategically located next to the swimming pool, offers professional wellness treatments. A team of specialists offers massage services to relieve tension, rejuvenate the body, mind and soul and “recharge your batteries” ready to continue enjoying your stay at Villas de Palermo.

Villas de Palermo also has an agenda of recreational activities and specials within the hotel to suit different tastes. Among the activities that stand out during the week are the Happy Day Drinks from Monday to Sunday, the 2×1 mixed ceviche, the 2×1 pastas, on Friday its professional Karaoke, Saturday we have tropical music in the evenings and on Sundays in the restaurant and pool area we have Marimba music.

A New Offer of Alternative Recreation Plans
Villas de Palermo Hotel and Resort has opened 2017 with a new business promise: “Multiple Experiences, Unforgettable Moments!” and the whole leisure concept is oriented towards that theme. With special options of recreation plans for couples, families, groups of friends or others who seek maximum tranquility, luxury, comfort, adventure, culture, tradition, nature, rural tourism, etc. Our greatest satisfaction is being able to serve you and that you have multiple experiences that are unforgettable moments.


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