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US Embassy Diplomatic Housing Project – Managua

Embajada de los Estados Unidos - Managua - vivienda diplomática

The US Ambassador, Laura F. Dogu and Mr. Piero Coen, President of the Coen Group have signed an agreement to for a residential complex that will house diplomatic personnel from the United States Embassy in Managua.

The almost US $ 4 million project will be financed by the Government of the United States and will consist of family residences in an apartment style building in the east side of Managua. The building will feature anti-seismic features as well as safety and security for the US diplomats and their families.

The Embassy of the United States shared that they spend almost US $ 2 million each year on various locations in order to provide housing for US diplomats working in Nicaragua. The residential complex will be the only building outside of the US Embassy complex in Managua and is scheduled for completion in May 2019.
Ambassador Laura Dogu said;

This project demonstrates the long-term commitment of the Government of the United States in its bilateral relationship with Nicaragua.

She added, “we are here to stay.”


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