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Underwater Traveling Museum

Museo subacuático

A Trip to the Marine Nature of Nicaragua

  • The Grand Opening will be on Friday, April 27 in the Salvador Allende Port of Managua
  • It will visit over 11 departments in 2018 so that students and the general public can learn and understand about the wonders of the underwater world.
  • (NOTE: San Juan del Sur, Rivas 11 – 16 de Mayo & 22 – 27 de Mayo. See below for all dates)

In order to publicize the diversity, color and richness of the submerged natural heritage of Nicaragua, the Diving Nicaragua School of Diving and Ecology and the National Chamber of Tourism of Nicaragua (CANATUR) present the Itinerant Museum of Underwater Heritage – “Nicaragua Azul”

The display will share relevant information on ecological aspects, conservation biology, threats and necessary measures to protect underwater resources. These will be detailed through five modules: Introductory, Pacific Ocean, Freshwater, Caribbean Sea and Reflection.

“DIVE Nicaragua promotes the conservation of underwater resources in our country. And part of that is education. It’s for this reason that this initiative reveals the nature that exists beneath the surface of the oceans, seas, lakes and lagoons of our country.” Explained Fabio Buitrago, Director of DIVE Nicaragua.

The travelling exhibition of the underwater heritage “Nicaragua Azul” will visit the main departmental capitals of the Pacific, as well as Puerto Cabezas, Bluefields and Corn Island.

One of the attractions of the interactive museum is that the population will use applications and QR code (quick response) to interact with the marine and Lake Ecosystem of Nicaragua, represented through the exhibition.

As of April 27th, and for two weeks, the capital population will enjoy the Nicaraguan underwater biodiversity (without admission costs) in the Plaza de Colores of Puerto Salvador Allende.

“Nicaragua Azul” has been made possible with the support of;

The Association of Professional Instructors of Diving (PADI by its acronym in English),

Foundation One, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (COSUDE),

IBW, Hemco, Ficohsa, Desminic, FFI, SINSA, and Crea Comunicaciones.

Managua, 19th April, 2018 


Museo del Patrimonio Natural Sumergido de Nicaragua

Calendario de Rotación Nacional



Departamento de Managua ABRIL 2018

Managua (12 días) 27 de Abril – 6 de Mayo


Departamento de Rivas MAYO 2018

San Juan del Sur (6 días)


11 – 16 de Mayo

22 – 27 de Mayo


Departamento de Carazo JUNIO 2018

Jinotepe (6 días) 5 – 10 de Junio

Departamento de Granada JUNIO 2018

Granada (6 días) 19 – 24 de Junio


Departamento de Masaya JULIO 2018

Masaya (6 días) 3 – 8 de Julio


Departamento de Chinandega JULIO 2018

Chinandega (6 días) 24 – 29 de Julio


Departamento de León AGOSTO 2018

León (6 días) 7 – 12 de Agosto


Región Autónoma del Caribe Sur SEPTIEMBRE 2018

Corn Island (6 días) 28 de Agosto – 2 de Septiembre

Bluefields (cabecera) (6 días) 11 – 16 de Septiembre


Región Autónoma del Caribe Norte OCTUBRE 2018

Bilwi (cabecera) (6 días) 2 – 7 de Octubre



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