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Truth Commission Sworn In


The National Assembly of Nicaragua (Parliament) has sworn in the five members of the Truth, Justice and Peace Commission. They are:

Father Francisco Uriel Molina – Franciscan Priest

Doctor Jaime Francisco López Lowery (Vice Chancellor of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua in Managua – UNAN)

Doctor Mirna Cunningham (Miskita feminist and indigenous rights activist)

Doctor Adolfo José Jarquín Ortel (Former Deputy Attorney General for Human Rights)

Cairo Amador (Academic, Intellectual and Brother of Carlos Fonseca, founder of the FSLN)

The commission will have three months to investigate the deaths of at least 45 people (as well as the wounded, those who disappeared and/or who were imprisoned and claimed were tortured) during the violent protests that occurred from April the 18th.

Meanwhile, the country waits for the date to be announced of the start of the promised dialogue between the Government of Nicaragua and the private sector (mediated by the Episcopal Conference – CEN).

Comisión de la verdad juramentada

La Asamblea Nacional de Nicaragua (el parlamento) juramentó a los cinco miembros de la Comisión de la Verdad, la Justicia y la Paz. Son:

Padre Francisco Uriel Molina – Sacerdote franciscano

Doctor Jaime Francisco López Lowery (Vicerrector de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua en Managua – UNAN)

Doctora Mirna Cunningham (feminista miskita y activista de los derechos indígenas)

Doctor Adolfo José Jarquín Ortel (Ex Fiscal General Adjunto de Derechos Humanos)

Cairo Amador (Académico, Intelectual y Hermano de Carlos Fonseca, fundador del FSLN)

La comisión tendrá tres meses para investigar las muertes de al menos 45 personas (así como a los heridos, los desaparecidos y / o quienes fueron encarcelados y denunciados que fueron torturados) durante las violentas protestas que ocurrieron a partir del 18 de abril.

Mientras tanto, el país espera que se anuncie la fecha del inicio del diálogo prometido entre el Gobierno de Nicaragua y el sector privado (mediado por la Conferencia Episcopal – CEN).


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