TreeCasa: un mundo exótico por descubrir

By Néstor Alí Gómez – Del Sur News

There is no doubt that tourists have become are increasingly demanding when selecting a particular destination to visit. Their tastes and desires have diversified so much that it becomes a challenge for the providers of tourist services to fulfill them. This week we leave the urban area of the city to visit a hotel outside of San Juan del Sur that is meeting the challenge we are talking about.

Making use of one of the shuttles they offer free to clients (that can be taken from the “Welcome Center” in San Juan del Sur, in front of Hotel Dolce Vita), we arrive at our destination 15 minutes later.

Imposing! Excelling as a jewel among the greenery of the area, there was TreeCasa, a new hotel (which opened in April 2017) and which, according to its general manager, is still in the process of conceptualization and construction. This one belongs to the El Encanto del Sur project, which covers an area of 450 acres and includes the residential development.

“TreeCasa was born as the anchor to attract the attention of visitors and offer a different proposal in the hospitality market. We are focused on building a community. We don’t only want to sell properties or hotel rooms, we go further. (We want) to make a very striking and curious point such as say SOHO does in New York” said Alam Cordero, General Manager at TreeCasa Resort.

Cordero has at least 20 years of experience in the hospitality business of which 10 were in Mexico. He explained that the vision of the investor who owns the project is to “build a community, where you can mix foreigners with locals, artists, retired foreigners, personalities and do something quite eclectic, something that tries to bring them all together, trying to merge the groups and the different values, ideas, trends, etc.”

Cordero explained that TreeCasa is a changing property, not static, “it’s more like a project that is not yet defined, although it sounds strange to say so. The place has its own energy yet in reality we encourage you to do nothing… and by doing nothing you begin to discover things. We offer the conditions to take you to that point. You can practice yoga; you can walk the paths through the community and do many things that disconnect you from your usual world.”

The hotel has 36 rooms, one of them is conceived as the presidential suit, and is built in one of the Ceiba Pentandra trees (Kapok) of the forest on which the hotel was built, this being one of the main attractions of the project.

Another attraction of the resort is the two level pool with slide and waterfall that serves for diving. In addition, the hotel has a second yoga platform that can accommodate up to 120 people and overlooks the ocean.

Adding to the elements is the organic garden of about 2 manzanas (3.4 acres). “We planned it to be in front of the restaurant and the idea is to produce our own organic vegetables” said Alam.

Recently 20 km of trails were built for horseback riding, biking or walking and as well a huge lagoon was created.

Added Value of the Hotel:

Cordero affirmed that the hotel is designed “so that you connect with nature, with yourself and with your loved ones and also for those who wish to enter a process of meditation, TreeCasa makes it easy for you to discover things you have forgotten”.

According to the general manager, the rooms are quite spacious, they have a bedroom, a service area, spacious bathrooms, air conditioning, “but something interesting is that we do not include TV in the rooms since we consider that television distracts a lot and we want guests to have an encounter with themselves.”

Future Projects

“TreeCasa’s future projects include the establishment of partnerships with some national and international artists so that they come to create different pieces (including sculptures, paintings, installations, etc.) which will decorate the hotel. This year we will build a temascal (a Nahuatl steam bath like a sauna) and will be bringing ‘temascaleros’ from Mexico, who will help us in the construction. We have also planned to make an arts center (a workshop to create proposals where the artists with whom we ally will work). In Real Estate there are new projects such as 2 more bungalows that will be full-time properties, “said Cordero.

Cordero explained that in terms of the TreeCasa Hotel, over the next 5 years they aim to be the most important hotel in San Juan del Sur and in terms of services to be the symbol of quality in the area. “We want to be part of the community. We want the people who work for us to feel that they belong to something. TreeCasa does not want to be the epicenter, but rather a facilitator of change” concluded Alam Cordero. We could continue telling you much more about this new hotel project but it’s better for you to go and discover the world of experiences for yourself. Directions; From the San Juan del Sur City Hall, go 4km north on La Chocolata road, then turn off right (east) at the sign to the property and drive for 2 kilometers.


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