The 2016 NICARAGUA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS Editorial Team – Del Sur News Nicaragua goes to the polls this Sunday November 6th to elect the President, Vice President, 90 Members of Parliament of the National Assembly and 20 MP's representing the country in the Central American Parliament - PARLACE
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Nicaragua goes to the polls this Sunday November 6th 2016, to elect the President, Vice President, 90 Members of Parliament of the National Assembly and 20 MP’s representing the country in the Central American Parliament – PARLACEN.

This year there are approximately 3.4 million Nicaraguans eligible to exercise their right to vote at the polls.

According to electoral law, Nicaraguans will go to the polling station where they are registered from 6am on Sunday November 6th until the end of the voting period at 6pm the same Sunday. However; these cannot be closed if any citizen is waiting their turn (Electoral Law – Art. 114).

There are six national and one regional party highlighted on the ballot in this general election of President and Parliament. These are the Liberal Constitutionalist Party (PLC), Independent Liberal Party (PLI); Conservative Party (PC), Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance (ALN), Alliance for the Republic (APRE) and the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN or Sandinistas – the current government). Another party that has been registered for this election is YATAMA, is regionally accredited for the area of the Caribbean coast.

Outcome of Presidential Elections
The Electoral Law of Nicaragua, Law No. 331 is a constitutional law governing the electoral process for the election of President and Vice-President of the Republic. Article 145 says that; “to be elected President and Vice President of the Republic, party candidates or an alliance of parties must win with a relative majority of at least 40% of the valid votes. Or; in the case where they obtained a minimum of 35% of the vote, they outweigh the second place by a minimum difference of five percentage points.

If none of the candidates have attained these percentages, then a second election will be held, but only among the candidates who received the first and second place. The winner of that “run-off” will be the party who obtains the largest number of votes. If any candidates waiver or concede in the election period between the first and second election, the other candidate shall be declared elected as President of the Republic.”

Steps and Advice for Voting on November 6th
In order to exercise your right to vote there are a number of steps to be performed:
1. You may vote if you have: Cedula (Nicaraguan Citizen) valid or expired; Identity card in the new format or an Interim Voting Document 2011 (no photocopies).
2. Try and vote early in the morning.
3. When you reach the voting center, locate the Vote Receiving Board (JRV). On the wall is the list of voters for each polling station, in alphabetical order.
4. You are not allowed to enter the polling station with cell phones, cameras and other electronic equipment. Must not be drunk or armed.
5. Take the ballot from JRV table. Make sure it is clean, has the signature and the security code.
6. This time, there is a single ballot on which to mark your choice for President, Vice President, Departmental MP’s, National Congress and Members of the PARLACEN. You should mark your preference for each row only in the white circle.
7. At the end of voting, return to the table so that you can have your finger marked (stained) as having voted and remember to obtain your personal ID before leaving the polling station.

A total of 4,313 polling stations will be in use in the 153 municipalities of the country on the day of the vote. They will be open from 6 am and close at 6pm when they will remain open to process anyone waiting in line at that time. As in previous years, security throughout the election process throughout the country will be the responsibility of the Army of Nicaragua and the National Police.

VOTING IS A CIVIC DUTY. As a newspaper that promotes the construction of citizenship and civics, the Publisher of Del Sur News (María Auxiliadora Silva) invites the Nicaraguan people to decide the destiny of our country. Join the electoral process by depositing your vote to elect the country’s leaders and live this important event.


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