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SURVIVOR, Nicaragua


Last week, representatives of the SURVIVOR, Nicaragua show were introduced to local businesses by Ing. Jorge Sanchez Santana (The Mayor of San Jun del Sur) at City Hall. The audience also watched some promotion videos of the show and had an opportunity to ask questions.

Some were surprised about the amount of beaches and the length of time they were to be shut down for filming which is planned for about the middle of June until the end of September. The Locations Manager for SURVIVOR, Nicaragua; Golden Swenson explained that the show cannot have any kind of unplanned objects in vision and also the microphones worn by the contestants are extremely sensitive and therefore external unwanted noise is a factor.

For those reasons and for security, Svenson said that the beaches they will use will be pretty much be closed to the public for that time frame.

The beaches they will be using are: Escameca, Escamecita, the South part of Yankee, Hermosa, and Tamarindo.

What was exciting was the sample trailer of the SURVIVOR, Nicaragua show which had a huge visual and audio impact. It really showed the beauty of Nicaragua and in my opinion will raise the curiosity level of those thinking about visiting San Juan del Sur.


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