By Néstor Alí Gómez – Del Sur News

The Municipal Committee for the Prevention and Attention of Disasters (COMUPRED) of San Juan del Sur presented the special plan that will be activated during Holy Week (Semana Santa) to provide attention to the thousands of local, national and foreign tourists who will visit the different points of the municipal territory for this season and that will require security, cleanliness, mobility and recreation.

This special strategy, called “Summer Plan 2018” integrates the actions and activities that will be carried out in a consistent way for the biggest week of the year.

For its execution, the plan will involve more than 570 public officials from the different institutions operating in the municipality as well as 150 agents of the National Police and 15 human resources of the Nicaraguan Red Cross. The plan also includes personnel from the Fire Department, Ministry of Health (MINSA), ENACAL (Water), the municipal council, Port Authority (EPN) and the National Tourist Department (INTUR), among others.

The special summer strategy developed by COMUPRED covers aspects of mobility in the city, cleanliness and safety. Regarding the aspects related to mobility; the plan includes the establishment of parallel routes of access and exit from the municipality which include bypass routes for access to the beaches in the north and south of the municipality. One of them is the Boca de la Montaña to San Antonio del Bastón route of 6 KM to the north beaches and the other is the entrance to the Son Zapote Farm towards Barrio Las Delicias, a 1 ½ km short cut to pick up the route to the beaches of the south zone.

Due to the limited parking spaces in the city, parking areas have been defined for vehicles, buses and commercial distribution trucks at specific points seeking to prevent “bottlenecks” in the streets and avenues of the urban area.

In accordance with the statements made by COMUPRED at the official presentation of the plan and strategy they have decided to open alternate parking lots for light, heavy and commercial vehicles. One will be located in front of the entrance to the Barrio María Auxiliadora and destined for outside excursion buses, delivery trucks, special events trucks and all types of higher tonnage vehicles. Another will be on the land of the agricultural farm Santa Ana (in front of the ENACAL well pumps) in order to park buses, trucks and microbuses. A third will be in front of the entrance to the new Santorini residential development to park light vehicles when the city has reached the limit of its vehicular load.

The special actions to respond to cleanliness issues include the modification of the trash collection service schedule from 6am to 10pm with attention to the urban sector and the coastline bordering the municipality, the hiring of 183 people who will be stationed in brigades on the beaches of Marsella, Maderas, Majagual, Peñas Rotas, Remanso, Ostional and Playa el Coco. Also, the cleaning of the bay of San Juan del Sur in three shifts (morning, afternoon and night), the major concentration of vacationers in the area.

As in previous years, COMUPRED has defined as a pedestrian zone the section of the beach area and has organized and communicated the various actions between the institutions responsible for citizen security and the institutions responsible for guaranteeing the efficient service of water and electricity with the purpose of ensuring services during peak days of the week.

This plan will be executed throughout the duration of Holy Week.

COMUPRED invites families here to enjoy this time to join in the execution of the plan to guarantee better results and avoid tragedies.

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