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Shin Komatsu Fishing Terminal – San Juan del Sur

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Shin Komatsu Signs Important Agreement

Pablo Perez – Del Sur News

Shin Komatsu

An important cooperation agreement was signed on Friday October 28th between the authorities of the Empresa Pesquera Shin Komatsu from San Juan del Sur and the Mexican investors COMEXA.

They intend to invest over two hundred thousand dollars in the first stage of their business plan, reported Ernesto Vallejo, Business Manager of the company Shin Komatsu.

The Executive Committee of the Federation of Fishermen in the Southern Zone (an affiliate of the National Workers Front – FNT) formed part of the signature of the document of cooperation which was signed in the management office of Shin Komatsu.

According to the signatories to this agreement, it will benefit the Municipality of San Juan del Sur as it will create sources of employment for fishermen in the municipality of San Juan del Sur.

Jose Ernesto Vallejo said the signing of the agreement allows them to prepare the conditions to develop the collection and processing of fish product in the company’s plants.

Vallejo added that the idea is that next year, they will start exporting the product to different countries world next year.

Mr. Javier Garc­a Peniche, Manager of the company, said it is a long-term investment that will be developed according to the development of the production company Komatsu Shin.

The investor said that they will be governed by the rules established in Nicaragua in respect to the protection of marine wildlife.

Tomas William Cerda, representative of the fishermen and on the board of the company commented that his organization had been waiting for this agreement. He reported that they expect to develop the production line of fish processing and acknowledged that the main effort is to give work to more than two hundred workers in the fishing sector in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.


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