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Seismic Activity

Seismic Activity
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According to the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER by its acronym in Spanish), over a dozen small tremors (magnitude 2.2 to 2.8) were recorded over the last 24 hours in the surrounding area of the Telica Volcano in the Department of León, northwest Nicaragua. The earthquakes occurred between about 5am and 9pm on Saturday 10th of March 2018 and caused no casualties or property damage. The epicenter of the “seismic swarm” was determined as coming from a depth of between 1 and 6 kilometers.

Telica has an unusual profile, being an area made up of overlapping cones and craters with the most obvious volcano vent being the 700 m wide and 120 m deep double crater at the summit. Fumaroles (openings in the Earth’s crust, emitting steam and gases) as well as mud pots can be found at Hervideros de San Jacinto, south east if Telica (an area popular with tourists and for geothermal exploration).

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