Delivery of School Supplies to the Nuevo Amanecer Preschool

This Tuesday, March 7th, school supplies were delivered to 31 children of Nuevo Amanecer preschool in the Carlos Hollman neighborhood in San Juan del Sur.
A special packet was also delivered to the teacher that contained materials to make learning dynamic, and to stimulate children’s psychomotor skills among other things.
This was possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Medwid Family of Michigan United States.
The Fundación A Jean Brugger thanks the Medwid Family for their willingness to support the foundation’s school supplies program by sharing their time and joy with preschool children.


Fundación A Jean Brugger was founded in 2003 by Jean Brugger, a retired nurse from the United States. She came to Nicaragua in the 1990s with the goal of helping to improve educational opportunities and fell in love with this beautiful fishing village on the Pacific coast and with its friendly, vibrant people. Jean began the work of the Fundación by drawing on support from her friends in the States, and has built a strong core of supporters who sponsor students through their five years in university. One of Jean’s proudest accomplishments is that the Executive Director of the Fundación, Vilma Bustos, is a graduate of the Fundación program.

Entrega de útiles escolares en el Pre-escolar Nuevo Despertar

El pasado 7 de marzo se hizo entrega de útiles escolares a 31 niños de preescolar Nuevo Despertar ubicado en el barrio Carlos Holmann en San Juan del Sur.
También se entregó un paquete especial a la maestra que contenía materiales para hacer dinámicas con los niños, y estimular las habilidades psicomotoras de los niños entre otras cosas.
Esto fue posible gracias al patrocinio de la Familia Medwid de Michigan Estados Unidos.
La Fundación A. Jean Brugger agradece a la Familia Medwid, por su buena voluntad de apoyar el programa de útiles escolares de la fundación, por compartir su tiempo y alegría con los niños de preescolar.


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