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San Juan del Sur Prepares for Summer 2018

San Juan del Sur se prepara para Apertura de Verano 2018
Foto: Del Sur News

By Néstor Alí Gómez

Saturday 3rd and 4th of March, San Juan del Sur will celebrate the official opening of the 2018 summer season with the traditional event “Noches de Playa, Baños de Sol” (Beach Nights and Sunbathing).

The SJdS Chapter of the Nicaraguan Chamber of the Micro, Small and Medium Tourist Enterprises (CANTUR), in partnership with the Municipal Government of San Juan del Sur are co-organizers of this important event which marks the official start of the sun and beach season in San Juan del Sur (one of the most visited destinations in Nicaragua by national and foreign tourists).

Reyna Trigueros, President of CANTUR San Juan del Sur, said that they are making all the preparations in security, logistics and cleaning to guarantee the success of the Noches de Playa, Baños de Sol event. She explained that the activity aims to “Promote tourism in the Bay of San Juan del Sur”.

“We have been holding the outdoor event Noches de Playa, Baños de Sol for 16 years. It is totally free and also has alcoholic beverages and meals for sale as well as lots of music and fun. It is called Beach Nights, because the opening party takes place at night and on the beach, and Baños de Sol because all day on Sunday there are sports activities, competitions and other recreational activities under the summer sun” said Trigueros.

The CANTUR President as explained that the idea of ??holding the event for two days is “so that the owners of accommodation and hotels also benefit, not only the owners of restaurants (as tourists from other cities within Nicaragua come in to SJdS from Friday and spend the night, or two, in San Juan del Sur.

Opening 2018

For the 16th edition of Playa Nights, Baños de Sol, the organizing team has planned a series of activities grouped in a dance and music show accompanied by lights and sound.

This begins on Saturday 3rd of March with the opening ceremony of the event at 6pm in which the national authorities of CANTUR and the municipal authorities will attend. Both the Mayor’s Office and the National Police will officially welcome tourists who come to enjoy the benefits offered by the city. Later, the free party will be held with nationally renowned musical groups until 2am. Everything will take place on the beach in the sports area (between Vivian and the Eskimo, in front of Easy Rent a Car).

On Sunday, March 4th, from 10 am, there will be a series of sports and dance competitions as well as music, and the presentation of a carnival show among other recreational activities.

To facilitate movement and ensure the safety of vacationers, CANTUR, the municipality, the National Police and the Fire Department of San Juan del Sur have been working together on the event planning. In anticipation of the increase in garbage for the celebration, companies affiliated with CANTUR will sponsor barrels for garbage collection. “We want people to be aware so they do not throw garbage on the beaches, but use the containers”, Trigueros said.

After the official opening in the city, the Municipal Government of San Juan will carry out summer openings every weekend at the main beaches that have services (both hygienic and food) for tourists. Among these are Marsella, Peña Rota and Ostional in order to promote these other municipal tourist sites as thy did last year. http://delsurnews.com/beach-nights-and-sunbathing-in-san-juan-del-sur/


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