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San Juan del Sur Firefighters are Looking for Volunteers

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The Civil Association Fire Department of San Juan del Sur has begun a permanent campaign aimed at attracting young people to enter the institution as volunteer firefighters. This campaign seeks to reinforce the firefighting services through the fire station in San Juan del Sur.

The call is addressed especially to those who reside in the port city, but also includes other cities in the department of Rivas.

“We invite all those interested in being part of the San Juan del Sur Fire Department to take advantage of this opportunity” explained Commander Alfonso García, Head of the San Juan del Sur Unit Unified Firefighters (since December 31st, 2007). He added, “Currently in the station we have a mix of 8 male and female volunteers, but we need to grow the team”, explained Alfonso.

García explained that the requirements for applicants (both men and women) are to be 18 years of age, present an updated police record and two recent letters of recommendation and to deliver your documents to the San Juan del Sur Fire Station located next to the National Police, in the Municipal Civic Complex of the city. Because the volunteer promotion campaign is permanent, interested people can deliver the documents any time of the year, during office hours, although the support of young people is required in time for Semana Santa (Easter Week).

“Once the requirements have been fulfilled, and the volunteers become part of the association, they will receive a series of training sessions, talks, seminars and courses in different specialties such as; first aid, fire extinguishing, water rescue, etc.”, said Commander Garcia., who since December 31, 2007 is in charge of the Unit in San Juan del Sur.

García explained that, as it is a voluntary position, the young people who register must pay for their food and transportation expenses during regular shifts. During special operational plans and for the protection of public at private events, here are arrangements which allow for the association to guarantee them food, transportation and travel expenses.

The vision of the Fire Department is to serve citizens through fire prevention and emergency response, through its institutional organization and human patrimony. “Being a volunteer firefighter gives you the benefit of the acquisition of knowledge in emergency situations and the satisfaction of helping other people”, said Commander Alfonso García.

For more information, interested parties can call 8740-5340.


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