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San Juan del Sur – “Ciudad Turística”

Más cruceros a San Juan del Sur

By Kelvin Marshall – Del Sur News

As foreigners (whether on tourist visas or with residency status) we understand that we are guests in Nicaragua and regardless of our category, the law requires us not to get involved in the politics of this country. We also know that the cause of the current unrest in Nicaragua needs to be resolved by Nicaraguans.

However, the reality is that many foreigners here are very much part of the community; raising families, building homes and/or businesses. We understand that we are not (and will never be Nicaraguans) but we very much feel like “Sanjuaneños”.

Last October Tropical Storm Nate hit communities all along the coast of the Municipality, causing loss of life and destruction. Many foreigners responded by working with locals on an action plan of support for the Sanjuaneños affected by this disaster. The aid was accepted in the spirit it was given; unconditionally and with love for their neighbors.

On this occasion, although San Juan del Sur has not experienced the same level of unrest that some of the bigger cities have, the entire population of the country has been affected. As a foreign community (perhaps feeling a little more helpless in relation to the support we can give) what we can offer is our solidarity to our hosts; the people of Nicaragua.

Like all storms, this one will eventually pass and we can concentrate on helping regain the confidence of tourists and investors wishing to come to Nicaragua.

Those Sanjuaneños who exercised their collective right to loud, colorful and peaceful demonstrations in San Juan del Sur found a way to make their point heard with no property damage or injury. Something they can be very proud of.

It was especially appreciated by the foreign community as our concerned families watched events unfold from their home countries though social media and TV.

¡Viva San Juan del Sur, Viva Nicaragua!  

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