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Russia and Taiwan Donate to the Nicaraguan Military


Last week, two Soviet AN-26 aircraft were donated by Russia to the Nicaraguan Army and a donation of US $ 600,000 came from the government of Taiwan.

The airplanes can be used as air, fire and cargo ambulances in emergency situations and are capable of carrying 40 passengers and five tons of cargo. They were donated as part of the cooperation between Nicaragua and Russia which was rekindled in 2007 after Daniel Ortega was reelected.

The aircraft can fly at a speed of 435 kilometers per hour and are a military version of the Russian Antonot AN-24 design renowned for; a good safety record, high flight efficiency, being able to withstand diverse climates, have a long range and only need short runways. They were delivered by some top brass; the Chief of Aviation of the Russian Naval Force; Major General Igor Kozhin and received by General Julio César Avilés The head of the “Ejercitio” (the combined Army, Navy and Air Force of Nicaragua).

The multi-use planes can also be used to transport 12,000 pounds of cargo and be equipped for carrying 24 stretchers. They will strengthen Nicaragua’s ability for search and rescue in the event of a natural disaster.


The Government of Taiwan gave the Nicaraguan Army a donation of US $ 600,000 for military uniforms in order to “strengthen the institutional identity and image before the population”, said the press release.


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