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Sol y Luna Spa (6th Anniversary) and Bar and Restaurant La Comilona (4th Anniversary) are having a catwalk fashion show on Saturday September 23rd at 7pm. They will be presenting professional models that will show the new trends of cuts, color and hairstyles as well as new trends in acrylic nails. The event will be held in the City of Rivas at Bar and Restaurant La Comilona.
Triathlon – Sunday September 24th will be the Central American Triathlon in San Juan del Sur. Camilo Antonio Pavón Polanco will be representing San Juan del Sur.

Weekly Power Cuts – Wednesday 27th of September phase II of the power pole/cable project starts with the weekly power cuts from 9am to 4pm (Appx.). They will continue up to and including November 1st 2017.

Panga Fishing Tournament – Mark your calendars for Saturday 21st of October 2017 for the 16th Annual Panga Fishing Tournament down at the new Port and Tourist Facility at the dock. Lots of fun whether you’re fishing or not.

Smart Students
Students of the A. Jean Brugger Foundation Scholarship Program on the Wall of Students with High Academic Achievement at Upoli-Rivas. We are proud of the quality of our students, and thrilled to not only provide them the opportunity to study for a professional career but to be part of their personal and educational development.

The Fundación A. Jean Brugger congratulates two of our scholarship students at the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua (UPOLI) in Rivas for achieving a high level of academic excellence in the second quarter of 2017. They are: Daniel Ignacio Monestel Yubank, studying Law, with an average of 93% and María José Sánchez Muñoz, studying Public Accounting, with an average of 96%.

Beach and Mountain Hotel
Acquired by New Investors

Casa Maderas Ecolodge is a mountain and beach hotel located about 15 minutes walking distance to the famous Playa Maderas (ideal for surfing) and 20 minutes by car from the City Center of San Juan del Sur, located in the South Pacific of Nicaragua in Central America.

Nicaraguan investor Crisanto López, it’s founder and President of the Casa Maderas Ecolodge and the investor Lily Downey are pleased to inform the people of San Juan del Sur of the sale of the Hotel Casa Maderas Ecolodge to the company Selina.

Casa Maderas would like to thank everyone for the support they have received during the last 6 years and also thanks the national and municipal government institutions for their vital support of great importance to the development of this project.

Crisanto López said: “As a team, we have achieved all of the objectives that we had proposed at Casa Maderas Ecolodge. The marketing in the interior and exterior of the country in order that Casa Maderas is a brand recognized from far away by our clients, both foreign and national. All that was possible thanks to your support.”

Selina will take over Casa Maderas Ecolodge which will go through a phase of remodeling and the construction of Phase 2. “We wish Selina success in their work and hope that they contribute to the Nicaraguan economy” said López.

Selina is a company dedicated to the accommodation business and is made up of a new generation of passionate hospitality gurus who identify, empower and develop human talent, creating millennium dream jobs.

The “Nikita San Juan del Sur” Store;

a Personal Venture

Mónica Jaens, “Nikitia” to her friends, is a Nicaraguan from Managua. She sat down with Del Sur News and explained how she came to open the store.

Monica said; being born and raised in Managua, about 5 years ago I began to feel the need to live in a quieter place by the sea. I was already tired of city life, the traffic and office work.

So, I moved to San Juan del Sur and that is where I met my partner. Once I settled into town, I wanted to dedicate myself to something different from my previous employment.

I have always liked languages and crafts. I am a graduate of the Universidad Centroamericana UCA de Nicaragua and have a degree as a Teacher of English as a Second Language. However; the last job I had in Managua was in a Call Center where you spend 8 hours in front of a computer without contact with the outside and I decided that was just not for me.

When I was 11 years old my mother taught me how to dye “hippie” style shirts and it was then that I started designing my own shirts at home in all colors and styles. Over time, I learned other techniques and also invented my own. I decided that I could make shirts with fun colors for the beach and sell them here in San Juan del Sur and so, 5 years ago began I began the dream of opening my own store. While I was saving the money needed to make my dream come true, I devoted myself to other jobs.

Most jobs required a lot of my time which didn’t give me my own time to design my products. As I dedicated myself to other work, my dream was left to one side. Over time I realized that I was not happy with what I was doing and that it was time to make a change and launch my plan to open my own store. For me it’s very important to feel happy with what I do, as I do with the store. I like it because I am always excited to see the final product; either a shirt or a bag, everything in the store is handmade by me and by my husband who taught me how to make leather handbags. He is my great support along with my family in this new adventure.


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