Roof Dog with the Rock Band Mozote and Rivas Baseball

On Saturday 2nd of September the Atlantic City Casino will have a Rock and Roll event with a MOZOTE, free entry; participate in a draw and free beers for the first 100 people who arrive at the event. The Atlantic City Casino is in front of the entrance to the new tourist center on the dock in San Juan del Sur.

A new business has opened in the San Juan del Sur; “Elotes Locos”, sells corn on the cob with different flavored dressings. They are situated about 20 meters from the roundabout on El Tropezón Street (the one-way street into town).

An invitation to a special church mass thanking Padre Bismarck Cruz Rodríguez for six and a half years of Pastoral Service to the Parish of San Juan Bautista. 4pm on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 at the Catholic Church by the park followed by a cultural act by the Stella Maris College.

Roof Dog Special Report – Floating Docks in San Juan del Sur

An export trip by a West Virginia, USA company paid off with the contract to complete the floating dock project here in San Juan del Sur.

American Muscle Docks & Fabrication (AMD) from Wellsberg, West Virginia specialize in custom building strong yet simple dock systems and hardware for commercial and residential applications.

They are particularly good at innovative manufacturing techniques, a specialty that was required to come in and finish the project here in San Juan del Sur after the previous equipment (purchased from China) had failed.

AMD said that although it wasn’t the biggest job they had ever undertaken, it was the most complicated, given the need for the system to provide a safe loading and unloading point for the orange tenders used for the cruise ship passengers coming ashore for day trips to the flagship tourist city of San Juan del Sur.

AMD fabricated the docks out of heavy duty aluminum as well as other specialized materials that were specified in the dock design and part of the contract awarded to AMD in March of this year.

The project kept them busy and on site for most of the summer (our winter!). Four AMD representatives traveled to Nicaragua to oversee the installation by a locally hired company.

American Muscle Dock & Fabrication started business in Wellsburg in 1963, but expanded to more international business pursuits in 2012.

The new floating docks will be tested for the first time on Friday the 29th of September, 2017 with the arrival of MS Regatta from Oceania Cruise Lines, the first scheduled cruise ship of the 2017/2018 season.

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