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Roof Dog with some Monkey Business

Roof Dog with some Monkey Business

Monkey Wings San Juan de Sur (by Tres Monos S.A) is a new bar/restaurant just down from San Martin Butchers Shop (and should be open by the time you read this, or very close anyway). The “Tres Monos” are Kevin, Orlando and Walter, three friends who will be offering different flavors of Wings with fries or veggies and dip. They also want to open for breakfast, serving the usual Nica and Americano food. The bar will be serving beer, rum and cocktails with free coffee all day (open 6 days a week, closed Monday or Tuesday, to be decided soon).
Opening Night Photos:

The “Kiss Me” Ice Cream Shop opposite Sylvia Sanchez has been busy expanding the premises at the back and has added two rooms with separate bathrooms as well as one larger suite with a private bathroom. Breakfast is included in the price of the room as is Wifi and the use of large shared kitchen and “Chill Out” area.  As well as the “Kiss Rooms”, they have continued the theme with the “The Kiss Breakfast”. When I was there, Jairo Dangla (local artist, painter and sign maker) was adding some finishing touches to the signage while I sampled the classic Spanish Torta (eggs, onions and potatoes) as well as a nice Gazpacho (a very refreshing cold and flavorful vegetable soup).
Roof Dog with some Monkey BusinessTreeCasa Resort now has a downtown San Juan del Sur location where you can make reservations, discuss events or wait for the next shuttle. Located on the Calle El Tropezón (the one way street that comes into town from the roundabout), just west of Moke HuHu Surf School. TreeCasa is a 10 acre resort property with living spaces, pools, spacious decks and a bar/restaurant.

Simpletons Fish and Chips is now serving a great Nica Breakfast with Gallo Pinto, eggs and sausage. Add toast and coffee and don’t forget to ask for your Tea or Coffee Card (limited offer) which entitles you to a free Tea or Coffee with purchase – First 50 customers and card will be valid until end of December 2018.Roof Dog with some Monkey Business
The Pool Center (a division of Casa de la Limpieza) has moved from their location that was across from the market and beneath the Trimar Apartments. They are now located at the roundabout (La Rotunda) at the entrance to town across from the UNO gas station. Contact them for all of your swimming pool cleaning equipment and supplies. Tel: 2562-5171 or Email: pool.center@outlook.com

Latest figures show that revenues were up for the period January to October of 2017 with 57.264 billion Córdobas collected (5.388 billion more than the same period in 2016). The increase of over 10% was in the greater part due to a more concerted effort in collecting the Value Added Tax (IVA) and Income Tax (IR). The 15% IVA remains a huge contributor (20.932 billion Córdobas) to the total revenue and is an “easier” tax to collect as the onus is on the business to forward the funds retained. Income Tax (mainly business and personal) accounted for 24.044 billion Córdobas (up 13.63% over 2016). Meanwhile, the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC) was lower (650.27 million Córdobas) due to the slowdown in domestic consumption (imports).

Nicaragua taxes its citizens, residents and non-residents on their income originating in Nicaragua. |

Taxable income that originates in Nicaragua obtained by non-residents or non-domiciled persons is determined as a percentage of gross income, depending on the nature of the income.

Personal income tax rates:

Residents are subject to income tax (on a system of progressive tax rates) on earnings over 100,000 Cordobas per year. Maximum personal income tax brackett is 30% (over 500,000 Cordobas).

Non-residents, whether domiciled or not, who receive Nicaraguan-source income are subject to a 15% definitive withholding tax.

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