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Perro de la Azotea

Every Wednesday is “Smoke & Spirits” at TreeCasa. Wood-fired brick oven pizzas with weekly specials from the grill & smoker. $1 beer & rum and of course; the best water slide in the area!

ALI MAMA has closed for renovations. Yes, it’s a little soon after the re-opening, however; it’s simply to raise the floor to street level and move the serving area to one side so they can “Open Sesame” on the level, and offer seating for the customers to complement their street service.

The THIRSTY TURTLE Hostel in La Talanguera (across the river estuary) is having an official opening night this Thursday the 11th of January 2018. Web site is not up yet but they have facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thirstyturtlenica/

NIKITA is a “New Star”. Nikita San Juan del Sur opened in El Tropezón (the one way road into town) last September. Recently Nikita moved in with Kim Possible at NOVA STELLA (New Star), the jewelry boutique next to Big Wave Daves. May the stars shine down on both of them!

All of the commercial spaces in the TRIMAR block (west of the new and improved market) have been vacated in readiness for the two story structure to be remodeled and become the new SELINA San Juan del Sur Hostel.

CARIBE SHUTTLE has moved out of their temporary space next to Arena Caliente. You can find Caribe opposite the FDL (Credit Union). They offer routes to Liberia, San Jose, Tortuguero, Arenal, La Fortuna, Monteverde, Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo and Bocas del Toro.

Remember MARTINI MARTES Y ARTE! Well, MIL COLORES and The TREECASA RESORT are collaborating on its return; Every 4th Tuesday of the month starting on January 23rd 2018.

Totto (the store that is not just for backpacks anymore) is coming to San Juan del Sur. They will take over the former Kuero leather goods space on the north side of the Hotel Estrella. Totto will open on January 15th, in time for the kids to buy their back to school backpacks and accessories. They will also carry; briefcases, clothing, hats, sunglasses and sports accessories.

Very happy to report that CARLOS MORA – Soporte Técnico at Cyber Conexión (who was at Trimar) has been able to move into the space vacated by Caribe Shuttle. Carlos was scrambling for a new spot for a while and can now continue providing his internet and computer repair service.

The MOVISTAR Store that was in front of Farmacia Santa Ana has closed and will re-open in February at a location to be confirmed soon. In the meantime, they have set up operation out of a van and a tent on the north side of the park.

The VETERINARIA NADIEZHDA STORE will be back at their old location on the outside of the market as soon as it re-opens (in February?).

The latest “Doing Business in Nicaragua” publication has been released in both Spanish and English. The publication is a combined public service and private industry collaboration between MIFIC (the Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce), PRONicaragua (the Government of Nicaragua Investment and Business Promotion Agency) and AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce in Nicaragua).

The complete guide, in eight parts, includes all of the information an investor needs to know about Nicaragua, such as; a country profile, labor law, residency, investment tips, investment opportunities, taxes and setting up a company in Nicaragua.

Although Nicaragua has a very open investment policy, they are particularly interested in attracting investors to the agribusiness, forestry, manufacturing, services, tourism as well as the energy and mines sectors. Available on line with a printed version being distributed to airlines, embassies, government offices, chambers of commerce from the private sector, law firms, universities and institutions relating to investing in Nicaragua.

La Cebolla

The Good Part about Living in San Juan del Sur is that “Nicaragua is Just up the Road”

Some recent travelers looking to spend an unlimited amount of time in San Juan del Sur were surprised to find they had to go through parts of Nicaragua first in order to get there.

Damien Slouch, an independently wealthy 23 year old, currently living a tax free Pre-Brexit life in Europe said, “Dude, it’s a Municipality or something, like Monaco or Luxembourg, we figured we would get straight in”.

Another visitor, Saffron (currently working through 200 hours of online yoga training) was here for the yoga vibe and said, “I don’t think it’s necessary to visit Nicaragua as I have everything I need here in San Juan del Sur”.

She added, “I experience enough poverty within my group of friends and in any case, Nicaragua may be just up the road but as soon as I got here they put the taxi prices up by 10 Córdobas so now I doubt I’ll ever see it.

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