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Roof Dog – Easter Week 2018

Roof Dog - Easter Week 2018
Nothing says Semana Santa more than the temporary Tip-Top Chicken location. This year, “Josselines” won the heavily contested competition for the rights to host this fast food giant. Congratulations!

Last week, after six long months, market traders began moving back into the newly renovated Municipal Market “Luis Rodolfo Romero Herrera”. The project was a collaboration between the Government of Nicaragua and the Municipal Council of San Juan del Sur. Considering the original plan was only for electrical work and a new roof, most people think the extra time taken to complete even more work, such as; the plumbing, flooring and security shutters was well worth the wait.

Autonica has a historical connection with San Juan del Sur through its marine division and sponsorship of many fishing tournaments and events over the years. Now they will have a permanent presence here with a retail outlet in front of the Hotel Estrella on the Beach Road. As well as Suzuki marine engines for boats and pangas they will have Suzuki and Samurai motorcycles and Westinghouse air conditioners.

The Chicken on the Street business model has been elevated, literally, with an aerial version of “I can do that”. Wings is what I’m talking about. Wings House has positioned themselves close to Monkey Wings on Avenida “El Tropezón (the one way-street that is still a one way street coming into town!).

The Raw Bar is a new bar/restaurant on Avenida Paseo del Rey (Beach Road) across from Vivians. A group from Managua has invested in the location and describe it as “a bar with awesome vibes, music, a nice view, good food and drinks.

“Sauced at LIT” is the latest Pizza place and the new eating area will be open for the big Easter Long Weekend (was it ever a whole Semana?). LIT being the bar/club on the Beach Road across from the Eskimo. LIT (in this case means Lost In Translation) and Sauced refers to the pizza sauce. So now you can be “Lit and Sauced” at the same place.

An old army camp saying “If it doesn’t move, paint it” has a new meaning on the beach right now. The last standing survivor of Tropical Storm Nate, the long line fishing boat being repaired on the sand, next to the Eskimo, will become a Movistar feature for Semana Santa.

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