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Romanian Extradited

Rumano extraditado

The police from Kerala, India have made good with their desire to formerly arrest the Romanian national in custody here in Nicaragua in connection with a fraud, relating to ATM machines in Kerala in 2016.

Ianot Alexander Marino, aged 28 years was one of a five member gang of Romanian nationals who had replicated ATM cards and used them to withdraw money from various bank accounts here in Nicaragua.

Their similar activity came to light in in Kerala in 2016 and the gang caught the attention of INTERPOL (The International Police Organization).

In May of 2017 we reported how an undercover operation by the National Police of Nicaragua resulted in several arrests of a team suspected of using “cloned” ATM cards to withdraw money from various accounts. The leader of the team was a Romanian national who has been living in Nicaragua for about a year. The State Police of India are reporting that Nicaragua is willing to extradite the Romanian; Harinou Ionut Alexandru to India. Nicaraguan border enforcement captured the Romanian when he entered Nicaragua from Costa Rica. An Interpol check revealed that he was wanted (along with several others) on an international warrant. Although India has no extradition treaty with Nicaragua, the Indian police are planning to make a visit to Nicaragua to secure his transfer into their custody. Meanwhile, the UK police report the arrest Cristian Constantin Viktor, one of the other suspects wanted on the same warrant for similar ATM thefts.

NOTE: The cards were replicated by the team placing electronic equipment on the ATM machine that enabled them to obtain card details of people using the machine.

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