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Road Accident Prevention – Nicaragua


By Néstor Alí Gómez

The National Police has a permanent program called; “Road Safety Campaign, Saving Lives”. It’s a national strategy of awareness and includes activities that seek to prevent accidents and promote responsibility and road safety among drivers.

Inspector Meyling Pavón, Head of Road Education of the Traffic Unit (El Tránsito) of the National Police in the Department of Rivas explained to Del Sur News how, in this department, they are developing activities to prevent accidents and educate the population.

“We are working daily to make drivers aware of how to comply with the rules and in this way avoid accidents and deaths”, emphasized the inspector. She added that the main causes of accidents in Rivas are; driving drunk, disregarding traffic signals, speeding, lane invasion, driving while using the phone or driving against the flow of traffic.

Pavón stressed that in most of the accidents that have occurred in the Department of Rivas this year, motorcycles have been involved. “Most motorcycle riders ride without helmets, many are drunk and many drive at high speeds. Under these conditions, it’s very likely that they will cause an accident. In the last week of March we had four deaths in San Juan del Sur, all involving motorcycles”, explained the inspector.

Traffic Law

According to the Head of Road Safety Education, Nicaraguan Law 431 provides traffic rules, regulations and infractions.

There is also a “Driver’s Manual” which includes a list of fines for these traffic infractions.  These depend on their classification: Very Dangerous, Dangerous or Violations of Traffic Rules.

Within the framework of the campaign, Inspector Pavón recommended that drivers do not consume alcoholic beverages, reduce their speed, and respect all traffic signs.  Pavón urged drivers and riders to remember “There is always someone waiting for us at home”.


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