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RE/MAX Coastal Properties

RE/MAX Coastal Properties
Gabriela Castillo (en el medio)

By Néstor Alí Gómez

The real estate industry has seen significant growth in Nicaragua in the last decade. It is evident to those involved in this business that there are more and more houses, buildings and commercial premises available to rent, sell or buy and the options and prices are varied.

“There has been a big change in the real estate market,” says Gabriela Castillo, Managing Partner and Owner of RE/MAX Coastal Properties, Nicaragua, a company dedicated to that industry in San Juan del Sur since 2012. During this time, one of the best things we have managed to integrate into the company and that has been successful is the RE/MAX Exclusive Listing”.

According to Castillo “We introduced the Exclusive Listing process, where a seller commits to a real estate agent to represent them in the sale of their property, safeguarding their best interests. Here in San Juan del Sur there was no such system before we opened RE/MAX. We made the commitment to introduce it. It cost us a lot at first, but we did it”.

RE/MAX Coastal Properties ensures clients receive the most professional and expert approach to their real estate, vacation rental and management needs. To accomplish this they have a team of national and foreign professionals (who have moved to Nicaragua) and have lived in the area for years, which guarantees knowledge of the region. “We have grown our staff, increasing it from two to eight registered agents and 5 people who work in the office,” said Gabriela.


The managers of the company understand that market trends in real estate have changed a lot and they have adjusted to them. “Before, it was common to have clients who came to buy large properties, sub-divided them and sold them off by lot. The current trend points to clients looking for completed or almost completed properties,” Gabriela said.

Another trend is that of vertical construction. The developers are banking on new proposals in housing construction, a market that could not be provided in previous years. Gabriela highlights the importance of this type of trend in San Juan del Sur, due to its high tourist value that the area has and how attractive it is to offer this style to the international market.


RE/MAX Coastal Properties offers a series of services. “We make videos, personalized ads for properties, general announcements to promote Nicaragua internationally, we participate in fairs, in chambers of commerce and at different events where we promote, not only Nicaragua, but also the sale of properties”, Gabriela emphasized.

RE/MAX is present in 110 countries, so the properties of San Juan del Sur and Nicaragua are promoted worldwide in all of these countries. “(Globally), we have more than a hundred thousand  agents who can access these properties (by advertising them) and therefore many people who long for this climate and this natural beauty that is in San Juan del Sur can see them,” said Gabriel Castillo.

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