Distribution of School Supplies from the Quadbridge Group
A group from Quadbridge Software Company based in Montreal, Canada) is here in San Juan del Sur on a corporate retreat. They accompanied the staff of Fundacion Jean A. Brugger (FAJB) on a trip to the Sauda Bikerland School in Las Delicias where we distributed 80 backpacks full of school supplies. The Quadbridge Group donated the money to buy the school supplies which included paints and modeling clay. The group also brought down clothes.
We are grateful to Quadbridge and their employees for helping to improve educational opportunities in our community.

Fundación A Jean Brugger is a non-profit foundation devoted to assisting promising Nicaraguan youth through education. Our mission is to create and promote programs in education and community development in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to this has resulted in the graduation of 70 local students from University, the current, ongoing sponsorship of 43 college students, the development of a community service program, assistance to rural schools through sponsorship of teachers and donation of school supplies, and the offering of regular baseball camps for boys and girls and quarterly luncheons for the local senior citizens.

The Fundación has a staff of 2 full-time and 2 part-time Nicaraguan employees who provide the professional expertise for all Fundación activities and community liaisons. Our Executive Director, Vilma Bustos, is a graduate of our sponsorship program. The Fundación has fostered, built and maintained strong relationships with our local community and the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education to deliver program and services to the youth of San Juan del Sur.

The Fundación was founded in 2003 by A Jean Brugger, a retired nurse from the United States, and is registered in both Nicaragua and the United States. In the United States it is called The A. Jean Brugger Education Project, and is a tax-exempt 501(c) 3 non-profit foundation.
Our Board of Directors and Local Advisory Group support the foundation as volunteers, without economic benefits.

Distribucion de útiles escolares del grupo Quadbridge

El grupo de Quadbridge, una compañía de software establecida en Montreal Canadá, están aquí en San Juan del Sur en un retiro y ellos hicieron una donación a niños de la ciudad. Ellos
acompañaron al personal de la Fundacion Jean A. Brugger a la Escuela Sauda Bikerland ubicada en el barrio Las Delicias, al norte de la ciudad, se entregaron 80 mochilas llenas de útiles escolares a niños y niñas de la escuela. El grupo de Quadbridge donó el dinero para comprar los útiles escolares, que incluían pinturas y plastilina. El grupo también trajo ropa para los niños.
Estamos agradecidos a Quadbridge y a sus empleados por ayudar a mejorar las oportunidades educativas en nuestra comunidad.

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