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Patron Saint Festivities


San Juan del Sur is preparing to celebrate the 166th anniversary of the festivities in honor of San Juan Bautista, patron saint of this port city, under the motto “My people, my holidays, my tradition, John the Baptist, my patron saint”.

According to Professor Edgard Henriquez Maliaño, member of the Committee of Traditional and Religious Festivities of San Juan del Sur and spokesman of the Parish of San Juan Bautista, the committee is preparing a few Catholic festivities for the people of San Juan with an abundance of tradition, culture and joy.

“The religious celebrations will begin on Sunday May 27th with the descent of ‘San Juan Chiquito’, after the homily of 9:30am, presided over by Father Mario Vega, Pastor of San Juan del Sur and will be directed by the parish priest, members of the Committee of Traditional Festivals and the Brotherhood of Porters (children)”, said Professor Henriquez Maliaño.

He also explained that after the descent, the procession and the beginning of the pilgrimage will take place through the different homes of the city.

“In the case of San Juan Grande, its descent will be made at the mass of 9:30 in the morning of Sunday June 10th, after the Eucharist and will begin the pilgrimage or novena on the date of June 15th, this year”, he said.

Agenda of Activities

On Saturday, May 27th, traditional festivities will begin with the afternoon of bullfighting. On June 2nd there will be the presentation of candidates for the Queen of the Patron Saint Festivals and candidates for the King. A sub-commission has already begun the process of recruiting and preparing young people for this event.

On June 9th it will be the Carnival of Malinche, Huipil and the Sea (an activity that promotes the culture and the “hubbub” of San Juan del Sur.

On June 16th it’s the election and coronation of the King and Queen in the Municipal Civic Center, through jury qualifier as well as activities on June 23rd and June 24th including the main celebrations and tributes to the patron saint.

Honorees 2018

For this year, the Traditional Festivities Committee chose Eduardo Holmann Chamorro as a tribute recipient, for his outstanding participation and support for the Patron Saint Festivities and for being an enterprising person with great social responsibility. Another honoree will be Mrs. Claudia Sandino Villavicencio, ex-queen of the Festivities and faithful devotee of San Juan Bautista.

In order to guarantee better celebrations this year, the Festival Committee formed work commissions, among them the Religious Commission, the Bufo Games Commission, the King and Queen Commission and the Bull Riding Festival Commission.


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