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Palmex Nicaragua – Synthetic Roofing Material

Palmex Nicaragua

Palmex Nicaragua

“A smart, sustainable and synthetic alternative to traditional thatch roofing.”

Palmex Nicaragua is proud to contribute to the revival of palm roofs by offering the most durable, maintenance-free, cost-effective, long-term thatch solution.
We produce a unique and patented line of roofing material that replicates the look of natural palm, but can also offer the benefits of being waterproof, fire-retardant, and treated with a special anti-UV treatment that translates into energy savings.
Palmex Nicaragua
Modern building demands higher performances in construction techniques and materials, and Palmex utilizes new technology to ensure that synthetic palm roofing is an intelligent alternative. Our industrial-strength palms suit all climates, and have been tested for resistance to rain, sun, and strong winds (170km/h – 106 miles/h). This superior durability allows us to ensure a 20-year guarantee and a 50 – year life expectancy. Palmex leaves are easy to install, 100% recyclable, manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 standards, and can also be dismantled and re-used on a new roofing system.

Palmex has been designed to provide a permanent solution to the problematic issue of having to replace natural palms every few years, which leads to an over-harvesting of those natural resources and a depletion of your financial resources. The leaves are non-toxic, and provide a healthier indoor air quality because they require no insecticides as they are resistant to fading, mold, decay, rot, vermin and pests.

Palmex helps property owners maintain the exotic look of thatch, while also ensuring that the palms always look like new so clients can rest assured that they’ve replaced their palms for the last time.

Palmex is created in Canada, and installed on roofs in over 50 countries on five continents. Join the revival and contact us today for a quote!
Email: info@palmexnicaragua.com
La Talanguera, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Palmex Nicaragua


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