Nicaragua Health Minister Supports Natural Medicine

The second annual International Congress on Traditional Medicine, Natural & Complementary Therapies was held last week in Managua with national experts joined by those from Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Guatemala.

Sonia Castro (The Nicaraguan Health Minister – MINSA) said that the model implemented by Nicaragua is important as it develops the natural medicine sector.

Castro reminded the congress that natural medicine is part of the identity of Nicaragua and that through the network of natural medicine, countries were achieving better results as they shared experiences and health models.

Sangyoung Ahn from the Office of Traditional Medicine and Complementary Therapies of the Pan American Health Organization concluded that the congress was a valuable opportunity to learn from the efforts and progress of participating countries.

Castro stressed that the main challenge is to improve natural medicine in the Nicaraguan health system and build clinics in places where they do not exist. Another challenge is to build capacity and strengthen the community network.

Medicina natural

El segundo Congreso Anual Internacional de Medicina Tradicional, Natural y Terapias Complementarias se llevó a cabo la semana pasada en Managua con expertos nacionales unidos por la salud, participaron de México, Chile, Brasil y Guatemala. Sonia Castro (ministro de Salud de Nicaragua) dice que el modelo implementado por Nicaragua es importante, ya que se desarrolla el sector de la medicina natural. Castro recordó el Congreso que la medicina natural es parte de la identidad de Nicaragua y que, a través de la red de la medicina natural, los países estaban logrando mejores resultados, ya que compartieron experiencias y modelos de salud. Sangyoung Ahn de la Oficina de Medicina Tradicional y Terapias Complementarias de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud llegó a la conclusión de que el congreso fue una valiosa oportunidad para aprender de los esfuerzos y avances de los países participantes.