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Nicaragua Buying More Electricity – National News Briefs

Nicaragua Buying More Electricity

Nicaragua Buying More Electricity
In an attempt to keep consumer prices down, Nicaragua has bought more energy this year from the Regional Electricity Market (MER), and sold less. Nicaragua has taken advantage of cheaper electricity from Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala when it has been cheaper to do so than generate here. Nicaragua has purchased 292,240 megawatts (the same period last year was 171,387 megawatts) an increase of 41 percent. Meanwhile, sales to other countries of Nicaraguan produced electricity are down 94 percent. In the most part, the purchase of energy from the regional electricity market is replacing thermal power (bunker fuel generators) produced at the plants called Tipitapa, Corinto, Censa, Che Guevara and the MAN. “The policy is to bring cheaper energy in than it costs to generate with private or state thermal plants” said César Zamora, President of the Chamber of Nicaraguan Energy.

Nicaragua to Increase Wind Energy
As part of the 2016-2030 Nicaragua Energy Plan, the Camilo Ortega Wind Farm in Rivas will be expanded in 2018. Currently the 22 wind turbines can produce 39.6 MW and can provide energy to 160 thousand homes. In 2018 they plan to begin the construction of the second stage of the wind farm adding another 40 MW.

Auberge to Manage Nicaragua’s Mukul
Auberge Resorts Collection officially took over the management of Nicaragua’s Mukul resort on November the 15th. The 37-room property has four miles of beachfront, 23 dwellings perched 300 feet above the beach, plunge pools, a spa with six private pools, four restaurants and an 18-hole golf course.

Aguinaldo or “Thirteenth month”
This bonus is a constitutional right of public and private workers to be paid one month of additional salary after completing one year of continuous work (or an amount pro-rated or proportional to the period of time worked). The bonus must be paid no later than the 10th of December, after which time a fine can be imposed on the employer. Note: It is one month of ordinary salary as well as commissions, incentives, and any other fixed sum that the worker earns in a normal month. The Government of Nicaragua has announced that all state workers will receive their Aguinaldo on November 21st 2017, “so that the workers and their families can start making their Christmas preparations in advance”.

Assembly Approves Joint Military Exercises
The National Assembly of Nicaragua has approved ‘Decree 19-2017’ authorizing the entry (in 2018) of foreign military personnel from; Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Venezuela and the Republic of Cuba. The decree covers the first half of the year from the 1st of January to the 30th of June 2018. JANES (www.janes.com) reports that the US will send 12 US trainers; 40 troops from Joint Task Force-Bravo and the Wisconsin National Guard as well as two Black Hawk and two Chinook helicopters for Joint Exercise ‘Medical Readiness Training Exercise’. The government of Nicaragua described the military exercises as helping to fight organized crime and to carry out anti-narcotics patrols, training and medical attention in the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast.

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