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National News: New Police Chief for Nicaragua


Today in Managua, as expected, the President of the Republic of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, named Francisco Javier Diaz Madriz as the new head of the National Police as of September 5th 2018. Ortega and Diaz are related through a marriage of their siblings.
See Official Announcement in La Gaceta.

On July 5th, 2018, Diaz was one of the people sanctioned by the United States of America under US legislation called the Magnitsky Act for what said in an official statement was “serious human rights abuse against the people of Nicaragua” (in relation to the recent sociopolitical unrest).

The sanction means that any property or interest in property within the jurisdiction of the U.S. is blocked. Any U.S. citizens are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with blocked persons.

Diaz replaces Aminta Granera Sacasa who was the Police Chief from September 5th, 2006 until April 27th, 2018. Granera Sacasa was a former Sandinista revolutionary and former Director General of the National Police of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Confirms Commitment to Taiwan

Despite (this week) El Salvador switching allegiance from Taiwan to Beijing, Nicaragua (along with Honduras) have reaffirmed their county’s commitment to maintaining diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Speaking at an Embassy event in Taipei to promote the new “Nicaragua, Beautiful as Ever” tourism campaign, William Tapia (Nicaragua’s Ambassador to Taiwan) said “We are a staunch ally of the Republic of China [Taiwan] and we have always supported Taiwan in the international arena. We hope that Taiwan is aware that we are its best ally”.

The El Salvador decision stems from a request for “massive funding support” for a port development that Taiwan reviewed and decided not to help them with, stating that it was economically unfeasible.

The government of Nicaragua hopes that Taiwan considers Nicaragua for any projects it had planned for El Salvador.

Note: Republic of China (Taiwan) is a name used by the government in Taipei to distinguish them from the People’s Republic of China. Most nations have official diplomatic relations with Beijing while still retaining economic and cultural ties with Taipei.

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