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New British Government Trade Commissioner for Latin America

Nuevo Comisionado de Comercio del Gobierno Británico para América Latina y el Caribe (LATAC)
Foto: Joanna Crellin

As a result of their exit from the European Economic Community (EEC), the United Kingdom is preparing for future trade agreements with other countries around the world. Once Britain leaves the EEC, it will be free to strike its own trade deals. To assist with this process, Joanna Crellin has been named as Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner (HMTC) to advocate for British trade with Latin America and the Caribbean (LATC). Crellin will be responsible for putting UK businesses in a prime position to benefit from this change and will have more autonomy to do what works best in their region to improve trade but will seek to grow trade between the UK and Latin America. Areas of interest will include developing and managing a regional trade plan outlining the department’s priorities for the various markets.

Each HMTC will work closely with HM Ambassadors and High Commissioners as well as the entire diplomatic network based in their specific region in a coordinated Government effort to promote UK trade and prosperity in the 9 geographical areas that the HM Trade Commissioners will cover, namely; Africa, Asia-Pacific, China, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Network, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East, North America and South Asia.

Joanna Crellin is presently the British Consul-General in São Paulo (since 2015) and the Director-General for the Department for International Trade for Latin America. “I am delighted to be appointed as Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner to Latin America and the Caribbean. Our relationship with this exciting and vibrant region is already a robust one and we are looking to strengthen our ties even more. My focus in this new role will be to allow our partnership to grow, raising opportunities for both LATAC and the UK and seeking deeper trading links”. Joanna has a degree in Social Anthropology, French and Spanish from Cambridge University and an MSc in Politics and Economic Development in Latin America from the London School of Economics. She is married and has 2 small children. You can follow Joanna on Twitter: @JoannaCrellin.

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