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MIL COLORES - GOLD GALA ¡Gracias a todos!

Bonnie W. Hayman; Mil Colores Gold Gala

For those of you who missed it, please put this amazing event on your calendar for next December. The second annual MIL COLORES GOLD GALA was a smashing success! Comments included, “Wow! We’ve never seen anything like this in Nicaragua, let alone San Juan del Sur.” “Tree Casa was the perfect place to partner with – how elegant the night was.” “The music with Nieves Martinez was fantastic. He sang songs for all tastes and people were dancing all night.” “Augusto Silva’s art was beautiful…he has a unique and colorful style all of his own to represent nature and life in Nicaragua. Stunning!” The food was superb thanks to the chef at Tree Casa. And many took advantage of the less-than-half cost of a “tree house” that Tree Casa offered that night to Gala attendees. Those of us who stayed enjoyed a delicious included breakfast and a whole day sitting by the pool. This is certainly the life!

First, we would like to thank our co-sponsor of the event, TREE CASA RESORT, and especially Alam and Edwin, and all the employees there who made this big event so much easier to present with their happy energy and constant attention to every detail. Augusto Silva, we are so honored that you have chosen to affiliate with MIL COLORES; we hope that our continued connection will benefit your art and the children of San Juan del Sur. Augusto will be presenting art workshops for kids next year – stay tuned for the announcements. A special thanks to Nieves Martinez and his band who provided exactly the type of music we were hoping for…the old crooners (Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, etc.) and modern dance music so that everyone could dance to their favorite songs – it was the perfect touch. A big thank you to all the people who offered to volunteer to help with the different aspects and work that a big event like this generates. Some of you weren’t even MIL COLORES members (yet)! And finally, thank you to all of the attendees who decided to give up what they usually do on a Saturday night to take a chance on this event. Tree Casa was full, there wasn’t a seat left. Lots of dancing, lots of smiles, lots of happy people. Thank you, thank you and thank you to everyone! ‘Till next year!


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