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Medical Science Scholarship Students

Medical Science Scholarship Students

Medical Science Scholarship Students Give Reproductive Health Seminar in Cebadilla On Saturday, June 5, the medical science students of Fundación A. Jean Brugger presented a seminar on reproductive health, sexuality, contraceptives, and sexually transmitted diseases in Cebadilla, a community to the east of San Juan del Sur.

The students were accompanied by a nurse, a doctor, and the Director of the Centro de Salud, who reinforced the student’s talks and provided free blood tests, yellow fever vaccines, and pap smears. They used the material they had learned in the training with Dr. Álvaro Cortes Gómez, and each presented a particular topic, using visual materials they had prepared. Sumpul López discussed the changes that happen in the body during puberty, Idalia Martinez talked about sexuality, in particular everyone’s right to enjoy sexual pleasure, Josseline Romero described the types of contraceptives available and how they worked, Brandon Vargas discussed the different types of sexually-transmitted diseases, and Lismadiela Yubank explained what a pap smear entails, and why it is important.

The participants asked a lot of questions and a very lively, frank conversation about sexuality ensued. Sumpul and Josseline demonstrated the Days for Girls kits, which are washable menstrual pads. All the participants received kits, and many of the women also received kits for their daughters. The doctor and nurse gave pelvic exams and also did blood tests. Sumpul also assisted with the blood tests. We are grateful to Lic. Marcia Córdoba, director of the Centro del Salud, Lic. Aracellys Guadamuz Vasconcelos, and Doctor Denisse Lopez Ruiz, for accompanying the students and not only reinforcing their presentations but providing the health services.

Thank you also to Dr. Álvaro Cortes Gómez for sharing your expertise with our students. Thanks to Chetana Karla Shakti for continuing to be such a good friend of the Fundación, once again providing transportation, and to Nathan Mulhern for suggesting we bring this program to Cebadilla.

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