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Local News from Roof Dog – Reggae on Sundays

Roof Dog - Reggae todos los domingos
Estudiantes de la Universidad Hispanoamericana de Managua visitan el Restaurante El Timón

Pelican Eyes introduces Reggae Sundays at La Cascada (our lower Pool). Join us by the pool every Sunday from 12pm – 5pm for good times and good vibes with reggae music and a Victoria Clasica 2 x 1 promotion. Bring your friends, family, and kids! Open to the public. Best view of the Bay of San Juan!

After much deliberation, the 16th Annual Panga Fishing Tournament that was postponed due to Tropical Storm Nate has been rescheduled for Saturday the 2nd of December. The event has become a local tradition bringing the community together for a day of competition and fun. Some of the local Panga fishermen who participate in the tournament have hard time raising money to pay the entrance fee, gas and other expenses the event requires and this year is no exception. The organizing committee of the tournament is asking those who wish to help to sponsor a Panga. The entrance fee is only C$600 ($20) and with this you will get two t-shirts, a half bottle of Flor de Caña Rum, and your own fishing team to root for.
For More information contact:
Luis Contreras: Tel: 7747-4974
Tournament site: https://sites.google.com/site/pangatournamentsj/

Nicaragua Craft Beer Co – Cervecería San Juan del Sur presents the SIXTH edition of Art Night San Juan del Sur! An event dedicated to the love of art. There will be delicious artisanal beer, good food, live music, and great artists from various countries. There will be art exhibit and sale. This edition of Art Night includes photography, collage, Illustration, painting in series and individual pieces. Come share a special night in the name of art!

Jícaro Garden Restaurant Mediterranean Food now offers a Happy Hour every day from 4pm to 6pm. They are located behind Easy Rent a Car, near the beach in San Juan del Sur.

December in San Juan del Sur
The Spanish imposed Catholicism (perpetuated over the years) has produced some of the most popular and deeply religious celebrations that have also managed to maintain a regional flavor. La Purísima is one of the most important of these festivals and is celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm. December 8th marks the celebration of the Immaculate Conception and honors the Virgin Mary. It is celebrated with deep conviction in all of the towns and villages of Nicaragua.

Festivities begin in late November with nine days of prayers and ends in late December. Each town celebrates in its own way, but the general principle is to give thanks to the Virgin Mary. La Gritería (The Shouting) is held on the evening of the 7th of December with processions visiting various shrines in honor of the Virgin Mary, performing prayers, and chants and setting off fireworks.

Yes, December is firework month, which simply means more fireworks than normal exploding at all times of the day or night. You may not have picked one of the quietest times to visit Nicaragua but it will be one of the more memorable ones.

Grand Opening New Softball League in San Juan del Sur

On Saturday, November 11th, the Municipal Major Softball League opened at the Municipal Stadium Miguel Arana Meléndez in San Juan del Sur.
The League is directed by a local Board of Directors under the guidance and authority of a board of directors of the City of Rivas.

Eight teams will start: San Juan del Sur, La Cuesta, Los Dantos. Los Junior. Los Bravos, Los Piratas, La Planta and Las Quintas.

The results of the inauguration in hot weather last Saturday; La Cuesta swept San Juan del Sur (in the first game 4 to 0 and the second game 10 to 8. The Braves swept Las Quintas. Los Dantos swept Los Júnior and La Planta swept Los Piratas.

Softball games on Saturday, November 18th will be held: At El Oro with La Cuesta vs. Los Júnior. In the El Valle field: San Juan vs Los Bravos. In the field at Marsellae: Los Dantos vs La Planta and in the field at Las Marías: Los Piratas vs Las Quintas…all matches at 2 pm.

Major League Baseball “A” has two teams qualified for the semi-final stage; Los Marineros and Marsella. On Sunday, November 19th, a “Triangular” will be played at Miguel Arana at 10am. First up is Camino del Sol v’s Los Dodgers. Second is the losing team of that game plays El Bastón and The Dodgers, to eliminate a team and classify two more teams for the semi-final.

San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Publica y Movil

Program to Celebrate the 16th Anniversary of the Library

“Loving reading is changing hours of boredom
for hours of pleasant and delicious company”

Congratulations to the local library; “San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Publica y Movil” who are celebrating their 16th Anniversary this Saturday the 11th of November. The library invites everyone to their celebration in the park as well as in and around the library. The festivities start at 9am and conclude with the main presentation of speeches and formal acts of recognition in the park between 2pm and 4pm.

Recreational Games start from 9am
1- Bufos/Games
2- Piñatas
3- Egg & Spoon
4- Street Football Tournament
5- Sack Race
6- Face Painting
7- Teacher Workshop for Crafts
8- Great Chess Tournament
2:00 PM
Official Presentations; the entire Sanjuaneña population is cordially invited.
Award to the best Readers, The best Drawing and the best Poem

Saturday 11th November
Library, Central Park and Surrounding Area
16 years Educating and projecting reading in our municipality.

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