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La Sopa – Bringing The Soup to You


New Business Feature

A Sanjuaneño; Headly Peck has given life to an innovative idea he has started in San Juan del Sur. “LA SOPA” (Sopa – Soup) is what the new business is known as and is contributing to the many food choices available to the inhabitants and visitors of the Tourist City of San Juan del Sur. Del Sur News spoke with him about this excellent business.

“We promote the consumption of sea food products by offering the traditional Seafood Soup. The idea was taken from the Rivense model that is already well known at the roundabout (rotunda) on the north end of the City of Rivas, a food stop that many Sanjuaneños already love” Peck said.

“However, in San Juan del Sur we decided to take a more meritorious approach by selling a cup of soup in our own town, promoting a brand and in the same way provide direct employment to the locals. Our products are bought fresh at the port (pier) and thank God the acceptance of our product by consumers has been a success. So much so that other San Juan del Sur families have promoted the same idea and this motivates us to improve our product since fair competition always good!”
“LA SOPA is a quality product provided with great customer service which are two good reasons to continue enjoying it. Soon we will be in Rivas with a Sanjuaneño Style Soup to delight the Rivense palate; Fish, shrimp and clams will be savored in both San Juan de Sur and in Rivas, a thousand thanks!” said Headly Peck, owner of this new business in San Juan del Sur.

LA SOPA is sold from a Tricycle or “Pepano” which runs through the streets of the town, bringing this delicious product to where you are with an affordable price of 30 Córdobas with a tortilla, salsa picante and rice is offered as an extra.

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