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INTUR Tourism Campaign and Maps of Nicaragua


The latest promotion campaign from the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR), the government tourist department, aims to attract more tourists with this US $2 million dollar campaign.  Launched last Wednesday, the 2018 campaign, launched on Wednesday, is aimed at both the national and international markets. As well as the existing catch phrase “Nicaragua, Unique and Original!, the new slogan “I love you as you are” is aimed at the heart of the country’s tourism sectors from adventure, nature, culture, rural communities, agro-tourism and gastronomic. Co-Director of INTUR, Anasha Campbell, with a strong sense of national pride, said “The three areas of national pride will be promoted; culture, natural settings and our people”. Nicaragua’s capital city; Managua will be featured in the promotion with the facilities at the Salvador Allende Port being a huge draw for tourism. The campaign will go out on digital platforms, social networks and will also be seen on the giant TV screen in Times Square, New York City as well as in Canada. INTUR is using the promotion to help meet the target of a 10% growth in tourism numbers for 2018.

National Crafts Map of Nicaragua
The Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC) was instrumental in producing a National Map of Handicrafts which was launched this Thursday the 15th of February 2018. Nationals and Tourists can now consult the 144 guide and find out which department or municipality is famous for each particular handicraft; clothing, woodwork, hammocks, pine needle baskets… you name it (and you can, in the search box at the top right corner of the page). Luis Morales is the Co-Director of the INC and said, “Each department is featured and the guide explains with photographs the type of crafts made in the area as well as showing techniques and where in each municipality the crafts originate”.

National Tourism Map
This map was has been relaunched by the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR). Anasha Campbell, Co-Director of the institute explained that the relaunch of the National Tourism Map was made after more information had been included from the 153 municipalities within Nicaragua.


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