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Donors and Stars Open the Free High School for Adults 2018


A great international collaboration is providing a sustainable Campus for a new era of Nicaraguan education and architecture.

Three not-for-profit organizations, one Nicaraguan, two head-quartered in North America, who are providing buildings, technology, and programming for San Juan del Sur’s notable Free High School for Adults, come together for the Opening of the Free High School in 2018 and the Inauguration of the Second classroom building of the new Campus on February the 10th.

Free High School
Rachel Miner, the Executive Director – Random Acts

The Coen Foundation of Chinandega will be represented by Piero Coen III. Random Acts is represented by Rachel Miner, the Executive Director, and Misha Collins, the founder of the organization and the star of the internationally famous series, Supernatural. Miner has also starred in the show.
The Coen Foundation is supporting the re-opening of the Tourism major in the Technical Institute, a three year program leading to the degree of tecnico medio. Random Acts has donated the second large classroom building of the FHS for Adults, with three classrooms and a storeroom, and a suite of eco-latrines.

The third organization, Child’s Play, donated a Laboratory full of computers, the audio and visual technology for all classrooms, the composting toilet system, a rainwater capture system, and a solar system for electricity.

The Orator this year will be the rector of the MLK Jr. University of Managua, Dr. Benjamín Cortés Marchena.

The School is built around a central plaza, with a grand staircase, like a city on a hill. Made almost entirely of bamboo, including roof beams, the complex is architecturally and sustainably interesting, a model for Nicaragua and this hemisphere. The builder is Austin Drill, the owner of Casa de Tierra.

All this is given to better educate the people. The Free High School, called “more public than the public schools,” now has 1100 graduates, 58% women, 46% rural. Since 2002, the School has provided quality education in a quality setting, given by dedicated teachers who continuously upgrade their qualifications. This year the School is offering a two-day workshop for teachers of English in February.

Enrollment is now open for the Saturday School and the tourism program in Boca de la Montaña, Km 133 of the Carretera La Virgen.



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