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Forest Fire Prevention in Nicaragua

Prevención de incendios forestales
Foto: http://www.inafor.gob.ni/

The unusually strong Papagayo Wind (aka The Papagayo Jet or the Papagayo Wind Jet) started a little early this year and has dried out many areas of the country, despite the equally unusual rain that has been accompanying them.

What is usual about this time of the year is the risk of forest fires that can easily burn out of control because of those winds. In response to that threat, the National Forestry Institute (INAFOR by its acronym in Spanish) has started a campaign in key areas of Nicaragua aimed at preventing any indiscriminate burning in forest and crop growing areas.

The program was launched in Masatepe, a few kilometers east of Catarina on the Pan American Highway to Managua. Government institutions, firefighters and young people from the environmental movement “Guardabarranco” participated in the opening weekend of the program.

This campaign of fire prevention is designed to unite communities as a family in the protection of our environment.


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