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Las Chicas del Sur – Female Soccer in Nicaragua


Edited by Néstor Ali Gómez

It is a very popular sport, played in all corners of the world and Nicaragua is no exception. In general, it is considered a “sport of men, played by men” but in San Juan del Sur, that generalization of football does not exist, thanks to “Las Chicas del Sur” (The Girls of The South).

This Sanjuaneño women’s football team had its beginnings in 2005, when Ofel Carvajal decided to bring together women, mostly mothers from the Camilo Ortega (Barrio Planta) neighborhood, who all had a desire to train for the sport.

The women’s team quickly gained recognition and consolidation, managing to participate in different sports leagues at the departmental level, winning the championship prize in three consecutive seasons: In 2007 they won the Departmental Soccer League against San Jorge, in 2008 they were also Departmental Champions , and 2009 they won the championship against a team from Sapoá (by the border).

Other significant achievements by the team include participation in different local tournaments, winning the top spot and then getting the call for some of the players to be part of the Rivas Women’s Team to play in the First Division.

Las Chicas del Sur is currently in the semi-final stage of the Football League organized by the National Police.

The support that this women’s soccer team comes from private businesses and they are currently being sponsored by Restaurante Jícaro Garden and Pizzeria Monchis with the donation of uniforms.

The members of the team hope that their example gives motivation for other women to participate in this healthy and recreational sport.

Information provided by team managers: Ofel Carvajal and Mónica Concepción Siezar.

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