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Exit Visa for Foreigners


The General Law of Migration and Foreigners requires anyone with a “Cedula de Residencia” (commonly referred to simply as a “Cedula”) to obtain an exit visa prior to leaving Nicaragua.

Chapter 3, Article 111 of that law outlines the requirements for the departure of resident foreigners. The foreigner will need to present; a) a valid passport or equivalent travel document, b) their valid residency cedula and c) comply with any immigration clearance as well as other requirements established by the General Directorate of Immigration and Foreigners (which includes paying the appropriate exit visa fee).

The usual practice is for foreigner’s to pay the 200 Córdobas fee for the one time use visa at the immigration window when leaving.


When they re-enter Nicaragua, holders of residency cedulas do not need to obtain an entry visa.

It should also be noted that Article 110 of the law refers to an exit visa process for non-residents. This would be the simple exit stamp in your passport which effectively clears tourists through immigration as having complied with the terms of their stay and having paid any fees due for overstaying.

In addition, the requirements in Article 110 are applicable in cases where a new passport has been issued to the foreigner by his country and is without an entry stamp. If the foreigner does not have the previous passport (with a stamp authorizing their stay), their entry date will be verified from the records and they will be recorded as either departing within the time period of the entry visa or as an overstay having paid the overstay fees.

Immigration maintains a chronological entry and exit report for every foreigner entering and leaving the country. That record is required for certain immigration procedures such as applying for citizenship.

Note: Click on the following blue text for the link to the full General Law of Migration and Foreigners (Law No. 761, Approved on March 31, 2011, Published in the Official Gazettes Number 125 dated July 6, 2011 and Number 126 dated July 7, 2011).

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