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El Macua – National Cocktail of Nicaragua


Most countries have a cocktail they can call their own. Cuba has its Mojito, Brazil the Caipirinha, Mexico gave us the Margarita and we can say “Hail Caesar” to Canada for their take on the Bloody Mary.

However; up until the end of 2006, Nicaragua was still borrowing cocktails from its neighbors so a group of businessmen in Managua decided to change that by holding a competition to produce a National Cocktail for Nicaragua – El Macuá was about to be born.

With Flor de Caña (who else?) being a sponsor, all entries had one thing in common; Rum!

After that, contestants could use any other ingredients (and they did, with all manner of tropical fruits and one drink that even used Nicaraguan coffee beans!).

The organizers were serious about the drink. Other than containing the best rum in the world, they wanted an authenticity about it, a drink that said “Nicaragua!”

El Macua
Dr. Edmundo Miranda

El Macuá – After trying a variety of submissions, the judges chose the fruity combination of El Macuá; 2 ounces of white rum, 2 ounces of guava juice, 1 ounce of lemon juice, add sugar to taste and pour over ice. (Note; this is the original winning recipe, some bars have modified the drink over the years)The winner; Dr. Edmundo Miranda, a pediatrician from Granada, had been perfecting this family favorite for years.

It had a strong, fruity and sweet flavor yet satisfied one of the other points that the judges were looking for which was that it had to be appropriate for Nicaragua’s climate, something refreshing, that cools you in the heat but doesn’t knock you out.