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Dan and Cesar, San Juan del Sur


Dan and Cesar seemed to be partying all week as they made the most of their farewell tour of the town. Last Wednesday they had their formal going away party at Big Wave Daves, the scene of many a good fiesta that these two have photographed over the 5 years they have lived in SJdS. Although the night was about them, the twin Canons didn’t get the night off as they snapped photo after photo of the many friends they have made her over the years.

Dan Polley and Cesar Paniamogan Jr., originally planned to stay for 2 or 3 years and then move further south to experience living in other Central and also South American countries. However, San Jun de Sur grew on them and they decided to stay a lot longer than planned. They used San Juan del Sur as a base to travel extensively throughout Nicaragua as well as making trips to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina and Ecuador.

In San Juan del Sur, Dan & Cesar have photographed the President of the Republic of Nicaragua; Daniel Ortega, Vice President Jaime Morales, numerous famous entertainers such as Duo Guardabarranco, Carlos Meji­a Godoy, his brother Enrique as well as countless parties, events and weddings.

The gifts Dan and Cesar have given to San Juan del Sur and to Nicaragua are the photo galleries at www.DanCesar.com depicting the last 5 years of life in and around San Juan del Sur. Their keen eyes have caught many a child’s smile as they wandered through town responding to the cry of “Foto, Foto”. The collections of religious, traditional and folkloric events are outstanding, as are their shots of birds and wildlife.

What they take with them on their journey are the memories of the many good times and the many good friends they have here.

Dan & Cesar, a class act.


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