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Collision Claims Two Lives – News Briefs

Collision Claims Two Lives

Last Monday the 12th March 2018, a collision between a truck and a motorcycle claimed the lives of the two men on the motorcycle.  Bob Bombardier, an American citizen was the motorcycle rider and Josué Serrano, a Sanjuaneño from the Hermanos Mendoza area of San Juan del Sur was the motorcycle passenger. Both we wearing protective helmets. The collision occurred on the “adoquin” (concrete pavers) section of La Chocolata, north of the local council offices towards Barrio La Talanguera.

The truck, was bearing a Managua plate, was owned by the tourism company Nicaragua.505 and driven by Marcelino Lanzas, aged 26. Initial reports from the police are that excess speed and the invasion of the lane by the truck were the likely causes of the collision. The driver of the truck and three passengers all received serious injuries after the head on crash with the motorcycle.


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