Preparing a cocktail is an art that involves many talents. Among them; knowing the right amount of liquors, juices and mixers to use, how to create the right combination of colors, understanding the correct temperature for each drink and knowing how to create the final decoration. If there is an establishment in this city that has great experience with these skills, it’s Henry’s Iguana Bar, popularly known among the locals as “Iguana”. The proprietor is Henry Thomas Roye.

“We are a restaurant by day, but at night, after 10pm we provide a different atmosphere for people to dance and enjoy different types of beer and our cocktails, which are very famous among our customers” explained Salvadora Gómez Vega, the Administrative Manager of this well-known business in San Juan del Sur.

At Iguana, it is clear that the cocktail mixology is the most sophisticated, elegant and exclusive detail in the world of beverages. That is why each cocktail is prepared individually so that its presentation and flavor are unique.

In the menu you can find a diversity of cocktails with intriguing names, unique flavors and exotic colors. Orgasm, Sex on the Beach, Pink Lost, Blue Lamborghini or Cape Cod are just some of the cocktails offered on Iguana’s beverage menu.

“We have a variety of cocktails. Each one seeks to exceed the expectations of the client” said José Alberto López Carmona, an Iguana bartender who has 15 years of experience in the world of cocktails, 12 of them working at Iguana’s.

José Alberto explained to Del Sur News that to create a cocktail on the beach, the most important thing is freshness. The alcoholic strength is another factor to consider (depending on whether it’s during the day or night). According to this experienced bartender, the beach drinks should hydrate the client because the sun has a great influence on dehydration.

Love at First Sight

The way in which a cocktail is decorated demands a lot of attention, since it is part of the client’s overall experience within the establishment. The visual aspect is one of the main attractions, since an excellent presentation arouses the curiosity to try what is unique, novel and attractive.

Three Ideas for Cocktails

Mango Margarita


1 ½ ounce of tequila

¼ ounce of lemon juice

Mango essence (tropical fruit)

Preparation: mix the ingredients. It can be frozen or on the rocks. It is served in a margarita glass.

Planter’s Punch


½ ounce of white rum

½ ounce of gin

2 ounces of orange juice

2 ounces of watermelon juice

½ ounce of cantaloupe juice

Preparation: Mix the ingredients. This drink can be served in a Collins (tall) glass. The decoration varies according to the creativity of the bartender.

Black Dragon


½ ounce of Silver tequila

½ ounce of dark rum

½ ounce of gin

½ ounce of granadine

½ ounce of orange juice

Pineapple portion

Preparation: liquefy pineapple; add dark rum, half an ounce of gin, grenadine mix and juices. Mix everything. The percentage of alcohol you have is strong. This drink is for clients who are looking for strong drink. It is served in Martini glass.



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