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Children Learn about Human Trafficking

Children Learn about Human Trafficking

Barrio La Planta Project (BPP) initiated a training process for 25 children who are beneficiaries of the project and who live in the community of Escamequita – south of San Juan del Sur. The training was given by the Institute of Strategic Studies and Public Policies (IEEPP), an organization based in Managua that contributes to the strengthening of capacities of political, state and social groups in Nicaragua.

According to Augusto Will Guillén (part of the IEEPP team and responsible for the training), “The purpose of the project is that the students of San Juan del Sur receive information on human trafficking, necessary to identify it, but mainly to prevent it”.

The training process also seeks to generate spaces for reflection and to create spaces for dialogues on the subject so that the population becomes more aware of this crime frequently occurs anywhere in the world.

“Locals need to know and implement measures to prevent this crime in the area. From homes, schools, neighborhood and business owners and collaborators, they all should be alert to the possibility of people trying to capture a victim in the area” said Guillén.

Barrio La Planta Project-BPP

It is a non-profit organization established to provide free access to education, arts, communication and job training in English to the youth of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and has been in operation in the city since January 2011.

Through creative arts and education, including political awareness and access to information, BPP contributes to creating spaces for beneficiaries to “find” their voice at local, national and a global level. This initiative is assisted by the foreign community that has settled in San Juan del Sur to do business and contribute to the community that serves children from preschool to high school.

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