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    Black Pearl Lounge

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    By Néstor Alí Gómez – Del Sur News

    Located in the heart of the Tourist City of San Juan del Sur and with a spectacular view of the bay, we find the Black Pearl Beach Lounge, a new culinary and entertainment choice.

    “Black Pearl offers a unique experience to their customers” said Bonnie Hayman, Marketing Director of this beach lounge.

    According to Bonnie, Black Pearl was born with a “novel and transgressive” concept. Transgressive, because

    it breaks with the traditional concept for the area, since it is an enclosed space, with air conditioning and special lighting, but on the beach, which gives it a more welcoming atmosphere

    said Bonnie, who added; the lounge has an interior design “studied in detail” and the Black Pearl stands out for its modern look and open spaces providing a better experience for diners.

    The food is “designed to please the most demanding palates” supported by a “delicious wine list”. The menu is unique and healthy and “each of the dishes on offer are grilled, we don’t have anything fried. The dishes are different to those commonly offered in other restaurants in San Juan del Sur. “We have the best imported steak in the city and here you can have dinner with elegance and in front of the beach”, explained Hayman.

    In addition to the main courses, the Black Pearl offers appetizers, soups, drinks and desserts at reasonable prices.

    Bonnie invites everyone to come in out of the noise, heat, and the fervor of the city and visit the Black Pearl Beach Lounge. “It’s an ideal place to meet friends and have a healthy dinner accompanied by soft live music”, concluded Bonnie.

    Black Pearl Beach Lounge is on the Beach Road in San Juan del Sur, adjacent to the Iguana Bar and is currently open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 10 pm.

    Black Pearl Beach Lounge San Juan del Sur

    Available for Private Events

    Black Pearl Beach Lounge is the newest option in bar and restaurant services. Located right on the beach next to the Iguana Bar Black Pearl invites you to enjoy sunsets on the terrace and to relax in a different environment.

    Black Pearl offers an air-conditioned space with a cozy and relaxed concept, a “cool place” to have a good time, where you can enjoy soft music and good food.

    The new location has been open since the beginning of November and offers live music on Thursdays and Saturdays with a menu that changes weekly and includes special entrees of seafood, beef, chicken, pasta and carpaccio with national and foreign liquors.

    Black Pearl is available for events such as business meetings and private celebrations in an area equipped with everything you need to have fun and a trained staff to offer your guests an unforgettable celebration.

    Open to the public every day from 5:30 pm to 11pm. For your reservations contact Salvadora Gómez at 8580-5807 or Email;

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