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Authorities Invite you to Enjoy Easter in San Juan del Sur

Invitan a disfrutar de San Juan del Sur
Foto: Del Sur News.

At a press conference held at the tourist complex of the city, authorities that make up the Municipal Committee for the Prevention of Disasters – COMUPRED San Juan del Sur held a press conference where they invited all Nicaraguan families to visit and enjoy the benefits offered by San Juan del Sur, the sun and beach tourist destination par excellence in all of Nicaragua.

“Today we are telling all national and foreign tourists, that San Juan del Sur awaits you. We are working with everything we have to provide excellent security but on top of that, order so that we can all enjoy a nice time in the municipality as a family “said Estela Morales, Executive Secretary of COMUPRED.

For her part, Professor Mayra Solís, Mayor of San Juan del Sur, highlighted the effort she is making as the head of the local government to give attention to the families that take advantage of this season to sell products in the city. “Our municipality is open to all to work in harmony, tranquility and above all, peace”, said Solís. She added “This local government is always committed to the family so that it provides the greatest security and viability so that we can stimulate a little from the small enterprises up to the largest undertakings in the economy of the municipality” said the mayor.

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